Thursday, November 19, 2009


Danmark holdte regions og kommunal valg i tirsdags. Disse kommer hver 4 år (ligesom Amerikas statsvalg). Folketingsvalg kommer hver 4 år (ligesom Amerikas nationalvalg) og kommer næste i 2011.

Denmark held the regional and municipal elections on Tuesday. These come every four years (much like Amerikas state elections). The national elections also come every four years (like Amerikas national elections) and will come next in 2011.

Dog er i dags blog ikke om "valg processen".... i stedet for, er det om en statistik, som jeg vil gerne vise til mine amerikanske familie og venner.... Vi klage over hvor få amerikaner bruger deres ret at valg i amerikanske valg. Det har været en frustraende problem i amerika for mange år.

However today's blog is not about the election process.... rather it is about a statistic that I want my American friends and family to see...We complain about how few Americans actually exercise their right to vote in American elections. It has been a very frustrating problem in America for many years.

I tirsdags havde Danmark den laveste valg deltagelse i den sidste 35 år (og husk....dette var kun regions og kommunal valg...ikke "stort valg" ligesom folketinget!)

On Tuesday Denmark had its lowest voter turnout in the last 35 years (and remember..this was just the regional and municipal elections... not the national "big" elections!)

2009s deltagelse i valg/ 2009's voter turnout:


LadyFi said...

I'm assuming that this is a very high percentage compared with US turnout?

MoMo 2.0 said...

very high! Some elections in the US (the ones that are non-presidential) have turnouts in the 20s%! It is awful.... So embarrassing that people do not use their voice.

Corinne said...

The Norwegians were gasping over their all time low turnout rate in the last national elections, and I think it was around 80%? If we had that high of a rating for a national election in the States, people would fall all over themselves.

HOLMES said...

Speaking of elections, that overhaired pompous dumbass Rick Perry has already started running his mayoral advertisements here.