Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kalendarlys...Calendar Candles

Alle danske hjem har en kalenderlys op til jul. Du tænder lyset hver aften fra den 1. december til 24. december så du kan tælle dagene til jul.

All Danish homes have a calendar candle in the Christmas season. You light the candle every night from December 1 to December 24 so you can countdown to Christmas eve.

Måske lagde du mærke til at vores kalenderlys er på den forkert nummer... men vi bruger vores i anderledes måde dette år.

Maybe you noticed that our calendar candle is burned down to the wrong number.... but we are using ours in a different manner this year.

Vores kalenderlys er vores "countdown til DFW"... og viser hvor mange dage til vi ser Jess i DFW lufthavn og hvor mange dage til vi ser Dallas Mavericks spiller i American Airlines Center og hvor mange dage til vi sover hos mine forældre en nat før vi alle 5 flyver til Colorado for at holde jul hos min søster.

Our calendar candle is our "countdown to DFW" and shows how many days until we see Jess at the DFW airport, how many days till we watch the Mavs play at the AAC, and how many days until we are at my mom and dad's for one night before we all 5 fly to Colorado to spend Christmas with my sister.

Jeg er sikker på at min mor synes at kalenderlys viser hvor mange flere dage postbudet afleverer pakker til sit hus som jeg har købt online og sendt til sin adresse!

I am sure however that my mom thinks the calendar candle is showing how many possible days the postman will deliver packages to her house that I have ordered online and sent to her address!!

I dags nummer er 13.... 13 dage til DFW!
Today's number is 13.... 13 days til DFW!


LadyFi said...

Ah, I do like these Christmas candles - they seem to be all over Scandinavia.

And only 13 more days to go - woo! hoo!

Skogkjerring said...

Hey you!!! What am I going to do with you???? I got a packag in the mail today- such CUTE Danish nisser with a tea light!!! THANK YOU!!!! You really should not have done that! But what meant most to me were your words in your card....I'm so glad you didn't give up on me, I know I'm not the easiest to get close too but I'm so glad you didn't give up on me!! Your friendship has been one of the best gifts! And thank you for the recipe...going to have to try that during the holidays!! Have a super day my friend!!<3

Dad said...

You're absolutely right - the packages just keep coming. There will be no room in the guest bedroom for you & Mads by the time you arrive. 13 days - I like the sound of that!!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Eeek... this danish home doesn't have one! Guess I'll need to go out and get one and start burning, quickly!

When we were kids we had birthday candles like that and each year on our birthday we burned it down another 'year older'. After awhile, the candles weren't so pretty anymore. I do believe burning days probably works much better than burning years!

Thomas Gemal said...

After spending a year in a box in the attic (which is VERY hot in the summer), our calendar candle isn't exactly straight as an arrow. But hey, it still burns. Note to self, no candles in attic or at least put them on a hard surface :-)

Anonymous said...

hvad jeg ledte efter, tak

sveske said...

We are so sad to not have one of these this year! But we do have our Georg Jensen advent candle holder in operation... and our Georg Jensen elves perched on the bookshelf... and some glogg in the fridge... :o)