Saturday, December 5, 2009


Kelli Nørgaards "Top Ten List" af grunde at du skulle rejse til Szczecin Polen!
Kelli Nørgaard's Top Ten List of reasons you should go to Szczecin, Poland!

1. Szczecin Polen er kun 6 timer fra Herning Danmark. Byen ligger på Baltic Sø, lige over grænsen fra Tyskland.
1. Szczecin, Poland is only 6 hours from Herning, Denmark. The town sits on the Baltic Sea, just over the border from Germany.
2. Polen har mange gamle flotte bygninger med masser trappe hvor du kan motionere eller hvor din mand kan lade som om ROCKY!
2. Poland has lots of old and beautiful buildings which have lots of stairs where you can get some great calf workouts or where your husband can pretend he is ROCKY!

3. Vidste du at Szczecin Polen var "ejet af" Danmark i 1085 (men ikke i lang
tid!)? Szczecin tilhørte til Tyskland i tidliger 1700erne og var kaldt "Porten til Berlin". Du kan faktisk spise frokost hos Braham Cafe som stå i den gammel port! Og du får 10% rabat på froskost hvis du har en iPhone (men jeg ved ikke hvorfor!!).

3. Did you know that Szczecin, Poland was owned by Denmark in 1085 (but just for a short time!)? Szczecin belonged to Germany in the early 18th century and it was called the "Gate to Berlin". You can actually eat lunch at the Braham (Gate) Cafe which exists inside the old city gate! And you get a 10% discount on your meal if you have an iPhone! (don't ask me why!!)

4. Szczecin er hjem til "Kino Pionier", verdens ældst fungerende biograf (fra 1909)! Og de viser "Casablanca" hver lørdag eftermiddag!

4. Szczecin is home to "Kino Pionier", the world's oldest functioning movie theatre (from 1909)! And they show "Casablanca" every Saturday afternoon!

5. Szczecin har FULL SERVICE benzin station! Vi kørte op til benzin station og denne mand begyndte at tanke bilen med benzin før vi gik ud fra bilen!

5. Szczecin has FULL SERVICE gas stations! We drove up and this man was already there starting to fill up the car before we even stepped out!
6. Szczecin har mange flotte parker, som du kan gå igennem med vennerne som du tog til Polen med.
6. Szczecin has so many beautiful parks which you can walk through with the friends that you came to Poland with.

7. Szczecin har ÆGTE shopping malls med BILLIGE PRISER!! Ligesom i Amerika!!
7. Szczecin has REAL shopping malls with CHEAP PRICES!! Just like in America!!

8. Szczecin (og andre byer i Polen) har mange SPA HOTELS som er FLOTTE og BILLIGE! En 1 time massage kostede 150kroner!

8. Szczecin (as well as other cities in Poland) has many SPA HOTELS which are beautiful and CHEAP! A one hour massage only cost us 30 dollars!

9. Szczecin har ÆGTE pizza i dens restauranter!
9. Szczecin has REAL pizza in its restaurants! 10. Og har jeg fortalt dig, at Szczecin restauranter serverer ÆGTE pizza?! Ligesom du kan købe i Amerika! (ok, de er ikke "ægte" ligesom du har i italien men Patti og jeg var MEGET lykkelig!)

10. And did I mention that the restaurants in Szczecin serve REAL pizza?! Like the kind you get in America?! (ok, not like you can get in Italy, but Patti and I were QUITE happy!)
Vi købte ind hos polsk købmænd (til billige priser!) og fandt ud at Polen også har flotte bjerg til skiing! Så vi er sikker på, at det ikke var vores sidste tur til Polen!

We shopped at the Polish grocery stores (for mega cheap prices!) and found out that Poland also has great mountains for skiing, so I am quite sure that this was not our last trip there!


Angel said...

I <3 Poland! You must make your way to Krakow one day. It is one of my all time favorite European cities. I should have told you to be on the lookout for the Knorr Paprika, onion and garlic cubes. Like bouillon but better.

Skogkjerring said...

The day Stig and I finally decide to get out and travel, we're calling on you and Mads to show us around!!! Looks like a great time had by all and I loved the word that kept floating around in this post- CHEAP!!!! hahahahaha!! :-) Hugs from Norway

N said...

I'm gonna harass my Polish friends back home to visit their homeland in summer :p

LadyFi said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Unknown said...

Looks like a blast! I am ready to go somewhere again! lol.... Loving the idea of the cheap spas...

C and H Romenesko said...

Looks fab. Hmmm, can I fit in another trip before the big farewell???

PiNG aka Patti said...

There are a few more spas in Poland - personally spending some time in the spring or summer, at one of those places that also has the horseback riding - sounds like something we should plan!

Jesper said...

Great, love the Rocky pic...and the pizza looks yummy :-)

Glad you guys had a wonderful trip!

nettielouise said...

WOW! Sounds like a very fun place indeed. I love the picture of the guy pumping your gas...he looks totally bewildered as to why you are taking his photo.