Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rejsetur... Trips and Travel

Så jeg sidder og tænker på 2009, føler jeg så heldig, at jeg har set så mange ting og besøgte så mange steder. Faktisk siden jeg flyttede til Danmark, har jeg taget til flere steder end jeg forestillede muligt!

As I sit and think about 2009, I feel so fortunate that I have seen so many things and visited so many places. In fact, since I moved to Denmark, I have been to more places than I ever imagined possible!

18 måneder siden jeg flyttede til Herning og i 18 måneder har jeg taget til mange steder....
18 months ago I moved to Herning and in 18 months, I have been to so many places....
  • Amsterdam
  • Köln/Cologne (Tyskland/Germany)
  • Luxembourg
  • Göteborg (Sverige/Sweden)
  • Paris
  • London
  • Helgøya (Norge/Norway)
  • Glücksborg (Tyskland/Germany)
  • Edinburgh
  • Szczecin, Poland
  • Berlin
  • Oxford
plus 5 tur til USA / plus 5 trips to the US.

Jeg er så heldig, at jeg har en mand som elsker at rejse så meget som jeg gør! Verden har mange ting, at vise til os og vi er meget spændt, at se hvor 2010 tager os! Hvor håber du at 2010 tager dig?

I am so lucky that I have a husband who loves to travel as much as I do! The world has so many things to show us and we are already excited to see where 2010 will take us! Where do you hope 2010 takes you?


Dad said...

I hope 2010 brings you lots of joy and you & Mads are able to see lots of new places together.

LadyFi said...

Lucky you! All those places plus five visits home... You are indeed blessed!

nettielouise said...

I enjoy living vicariously through you and your travels! As to your question, if I could go anywhere this year...I think I'd go to Montreal and Quebec City.

United Studies said...

That is one of the biggest reasons I miss living in Denmark...it is just so darn easy/cheap to travel!!

Skogkjerring said...

You are incredibly lucky and 5 times home also???? UGH...I won't even begin to tell you how jealous I am....I'll just have to live vicariously through your travels until life allows me the same opportunities...hope "we're" going somewhere cool next year too!! ;-)
Happy New Year my dear friend!!! Hugs from Norway!

HOLMES said...

I hope 2010 takes me someplace very relaxed and peaceful where there are no acronyms or bells.

Jesper said...

I hope you guys will visit Daytona Beach in 2010!!!

That being said, I think it is so amazing that Mads is showing you so many exting places in Europe...I do hope you get to visit Prague one day - it is just breathtaking!

Garkbit said...

I think I'll just be satisfied if 2010 takes me to 2011 :-)

Alex said...

I missed out on 2010, but I hope 2012 takes me to Danmark and France. :) And sometime in the next five years I hope I can save enough to go to Belgium again and get the other hip replaced. Yah!