Friday, January 22, 2010

Grønhed??? Greenness??

Jeg prøver at være "grøn"..... i de meste dele af en samtale som jeg havde med en kollega sidste uge mindede mig om at jeg er ikke 100% grøn!

I try to be green.... at least in most of the parts of my life...but a conversation I had with a colleague last week reminded me that I am not totally green!

(Bemærk: samtalen begyndte om alle sne som bliver på jorden i Danmark...)
(Note: The conversation had started about all the snow that we still have on the ground in Denmark...)

Jeg tror at de danskerne er FORBLØFFENDE! Hver gang jeg kører på arbejede i sneen og ser så mange mennesker cykler, er jeg chokket!
I believe that Danes are freaking AMAZING! Each time I drive to work in the snow and see so many people on bikes, I am shocked!

Min danske kollega/My Danish colleague:
Jeg synes at det er lidt farligt! Jeg cykler ikke på sneen fordi det er meget glat! Cykler du sommetider?
I think that it is a little dangerous! I never bike when it there is snow because it is too slick! Do you ever bike to work?

Jeg cykler i varmt vejr men IKKE i vinteren! Jeg er ikke så stærk for at blive udenfors i den danske vinter!
I bike in the warm weather, but NOT in the winter! I am not that tough to endure the Danish cold!

Min danske kollega/My Danish colleague:
Bor du en lang væk fra skolen?
Do you live very far from the school?

Nej, jeg bor mindre end 3 km fra skolen.
No, I live less than 2 miles from the school.

Min danske kollega/My Danish colleague:
Kun 3 km? Bliver bilen varm nok før du ankommer på skolen om morgen?
Only 2 miles? Does your car even get warm before you get to school in the mornings?

Faktisk varmer jeg op bilen før jeg kører så da jeg sidder ind bilen, er det MEGET VARM!
Umm, actually, I warm up the car before I drive so that when I get in, it is REALLY WARM!

Min danske kollega/My Danish colleague:
(så hun griner en lille smule...) Varmer du op bilen for at køre 3 km? Hvor lange varmer du op?
(as she is laughing a little....) You warm up your car to drive less than 2 miles? How long do you warm it up for to get it warm?

JA, jeg indrømmer at jeg er svag..... jeg vil meget gerne have en VARM BIL når jeg kører på arbejde! (Men jeg tørrer ikke alle vores tøj! Og jeg genbruger flasker og dåser!)
YES, I admit I am weak... I just really like to have a WARM car when I am driving to work! (But I don't dry all our laundry and I recycle bottles and cans!)

Måske jeg kan være mere grøn i sommer i stedet for vinter.... :o)
Maybe I can be a little greener in the summer instead of the winter..... :o)


LadyFi said...


Although the kids and I always walk back from school, which is about 2 kms or so away... even in the worst snow blizzards you can see us slogging back home again...

Thomas Gemal said...

I LOVED having the heated seats in our VW Passat. Kept my butt warm on those short trips :-)

May said...

Kelli, I'm SHOCKED!

N said...

How cold is it over there? I bike every day to school regardless how cold it is. :p

Skogkjerring said...

Oh I so heat up the seats in MY VW Passat every time I'm going to work and my work is at the bottom of the island right now- less then five minutes to get there..I HATE sitting in a cold car...freeeeeeeze..and that's just not nice. ;-) I don't dry all my laundry either and in the summer I usually hang everything outside if it's not raining. We also recycle plastic, paper, glass, and metal. So I think we do our part- more then my American family who do not believe we are in any kind of global warming!!! Can you believe that??? Geez...

MoMo 2.0 said...

Bluefish- you are a tough chick from Montreal and I am a wimpy chick from Texas. Lol. Plus I am old and get really cranky if I get too cold. ;-)

N said...

I understand that you're not used to the cold...not many people can if they come from a hot place :p An maybe the public transportation over there is not used often? I never been to Jutland so I can only assume...

You can beat the winter, Kelli!