Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Filmene...The movies

Trin af trin process for at lære "hvordan at gå på biografen i Danmark"
Step by step instructions on "how to go to the movies in Denmark"

1. Bestem hvilket film du vil gerne se
1. Decide what movie you want to see

2. Gå til hjemmeside af biografen og tjekke ud filme som vises
2. Go to the movie website to find out when the movie is playing

3. Valg siddeplads og bestil billetet
(bemærk: Det koster mere penge for at sidde i midten af teatre men en almindelig siddeplads koster gennemsnit 75kroner )
3. Choose your seat and order the ticket
(but be aware, the seats in the middle of the theatre cost more....the average seat is around 13 dollars!)

4. Hent dine billeter 30 minutter før filmen ellers du mister dem...
4. Pick up your tickets at least 30 minutes before the film or you lose them...

5. Vent på din Viking for at vælge hans slik for filmen... Ikke kasser af Milk Duds eller Junior Mints.... Ja, du gætter rigtigt..... Mange slags af lakrids!
5. Wait on your Viking to choose his candy for the movie... And no, it is not a box of Milk Duds or Junior Mints.... Yep, you guessed it..... lots of different varieties of licorice!

6. Og til sidst....efter filmen, bringer du din ejen affald ud fra biografen.... Passer dette i USA?
6. And finally, after the movie, you carry your own trash out from the theatre....Think that would work in the US?


LadyFi said...

Didn't realize tickets cost more in the middle of the cinema where you are... And of course - all Scandinavians take out their own trash! I love it.

Jesper said...

LOL, Kelly, you don't sound too exited about the danish model!!!

I love that you can get real licorice at Danish Movie Theatres, but I like the ticket prices in the US better ;-)

N said...

Yeah, I was waiting for my Viking to pick up his candies too.

Caution/Lisa said...

Of course it would work here -- not.

Kevin said...

NO WAY that would ever work in the US.

Kevin said...

NO WAY that would ever work in the US.

nettielouise said...

I ALWAYS take my trash out of the theater here and sometimes, I even grab others' trash on the way down the aisle. I mean, how hard is it to carry it with you to the trash can sitting right outside the door!That is one of my pet peeves about American theater goers...the attitude so many have of "they pay someone to clean the theater." What happened to the old rule of good manners...like, clean up messes YOU make? So glad the Danish have better manners.

Anonymous said...

i'm from the states and everyone takes out their own trash...?!