Saturday, February 27, 2010

Færgen....The Ferry

Vores rute med færgen (NÆSTE LØRDAG!) er fra Esbjerg Danmark (ca. 1 time fra Herning) til Harwich Storbrittanien og jeg syntes at til mine familie og venner som aldrig har rejst med færgen før, er det meget interessant at lære om det! (Mennesker som spurgte mig hvis færge er ligesom et stort båd eller ligesom en cruiseship...)

Our route on the ferry (NEXT SATURDAY!) is from Esbjerg, Denmark (about an hour from Herning) to Harwich, UK and I thought it would interesting to tell about this ferry adventure for my friends and family who have never traveled on a ferry like this before! (Since many of you have asked me if this ferry is more like a really big boat or like an actual cruise ship..)

Vores færge "DANA SIRENA" er 200 metre lang og har plads til 623 passager, 435 biler og det har 196 kahytter. Færgen har restauranter, lounges, en cafe, underholdingplads til børn, butikker og bars.

Our ferry "DANA SIRENA" is 200 yards long and has room for 623 passengers, 435 cars, and has 196 sleeping cabins. The ferry has restaurants, lounges, a cafe, entertainment areas for kids, shops, and bars.

Jeg har rejst med færgen fra Danmark til Sverige men turen er kun 3.5 timer og du kan se øer og andre ting imellem de to lande..... Men det er min første gang at jeg vil rejse tværs vand, vand og mere vand....uden øer eller land i udsigt!

I have traveled on the ferry between Denmark and Sweden but that trip is just 3.5 hours and you can land as well as several islands between the two countries...But this is my first trip where I will travel across water, water and more water....without islands or other land in sight!

Jeg er meget spændt om vores tur næste weekenden og jeg tror, at mine elever også er. Jeg gav dem vores skema i går og de virkede MEGET SPÆNDT. Jeg tror, at de er glad for alle ting som jeg har sæt i vores program. Lady Fi har fortalt mig om den bedste bog butikker i London og jeg er meget spændt om køber ind men hvis andre venner har anbefalinger til mig om London, er jeg glad at høre dem! Mads og jeg var i London sidste april men nu har jeg masser tid til mig selv for at opdage byen, så jeg er glad for dine ideer!

I am really excited about our trip next weekend and I believe that my students are as well! I gave them our schedule yesterday and they seemed SUPER happy with it! I think they are actually excited about all the things I have planned in our program. Lady Fi told me about the best bookshops in London and I am really looking for checking them out, but if others of you have recommendations for me, I would love to hear them. Mads and I were in London last April, but this trip I have LOTS of time to myself to just explore so I would love to hear any of your personal recommendations!


LadyFi said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Apart from Foyles, check out Covent Garden, if you're in the area. And the Carnaby Street market. Oh - and the Science Museum. As you probably know, the British Museum is great - and it's free!! So that's a must!

Eat out in China town in Soho too.

May said...

I've taken the trip a few times and I quite enjoyed it. :)

Mom said...

Is Mads going to go with you?

MoMo 2.0 said...

No, Mads is not going....just me and my students.
He gets to stay home and take care of Albert and Emmitt...

Rachel said...

Camden Market is definitely worth a visit during the wkend. Easy access via Northern line on Tube.
I'm sure you'll have fun enjoying everything you get to see - safe travels!