Thursday, February 11, 2010

Indkøbslist.... Grocery List

Min inkøbslist for min tur til Texas (på lørdag!) var meget lang. Dog i sidste uge, fik vi en stor pakke fra New Mexico så jeg kunne krydset mange ting fra min list! Mads og jeg var meget glad for at få denne stor pakke fra min gode veninde Robbin som bor i New Mexico. Vi var sikker på at amerikansk mad lagde ind pakken men vi fik noget bedre end mad da vi åbnede det!

My shopping list for my trip to Texas (this Saturday) was really long; however, last week we got a really big box from New Mexico so I was able to cross some things off my list! Mads and I were so excited to get this big ole' box from my dear friend Robbin, who lives in New Mexico. We were certain that we would find our fave American food products inside, but when we opened, we got an even better surprises than just food!

Jeg er meget taknemmelig for Robbins pakke fordi denne gang jeg har brug for rum i kufferter for pakker som afleveres til Jess....en gang en.... Husk du alle bøger som jeg købte i december og sendte til mine forældres hus (Grapes of Wrath, Raisin in the Sun, og First they killed my father)? Denne gang er det 30 bøger af To Kill a Mockingbird og 30 bøger af Things Fall Apart som venter på mig hos Jess! Hver gang hun åbner sin postkasse, griner hun MEGET!

I am so thankful for Robbin's shipment because this trip I have to save a little space for the packages that are arriving at Jess' by one.... Remember all those used books (Grapes of Wrath, A Raisin in the Sun, and First they Killed my Father) that I bought in December and shipped to my parents? Well this time there are 30 copies of To Kill a Mockingbird and 30 copies of Things Fall Apart waiting for me at Jess' apartment. And yes, they are arriving ONE BOOK AT A TIME from used book stores all over the US. Every time she opens her mailbox, she just cracks up laughing!

Mange mennesker har spurgt om min indkøbslist denne gang og gættede hvad jeg skal købe.... Især siden vi var lige i USA i december. Så min indkøbslist er alle ting som vil "tide us over" til Jess ankommer i maj!

Lots of of folks have asked about my grocery list this time and even attempted to guess what is on it. Especially since we were just in the US in December. So my list this time are the things I need to "get by" until Jess gets here in May.

Kellis list imens hun er i College Station Texas /
Kelli's list while she is in College Station, Texas

1. Pedicures med Jess

2. Starbucks - 1 Cinnamon Dolce Latte

3. TARGET -kun for at gå op og ned midtergang.... /just to walk up and down the aisles....

4. Starbucks- 1 Skinny Vanilla Latte

5. Hår farve hos en amerikansk frisør / Appointment for highlights at an American salon

6. Starbucks- 1 Skinny Chai Tea Latte

7. Spis hos Chipotle /Eat at Chipotle

8. Lav masser ting for at sætte i Jess' fryser så hun og Kayla kan spiser dem efter jeg rejser tilbage / Cook lots of things that I can freeze for Jess and Kayla to eat after I go back...

9. Petco- for at købe hundeting til Albert / to buy doggie stuff that Albert needs

10. TARGET -
Betty Crocker yellow cake mixes, boxes of JELLO pudding, Loreal Mascara, Jiffy Cornbread mix, Special K cereal bars, Planters Energy Trail Mix, JIF, Pecans, Crystal Lite, Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Flavored Coffee

(og 12 dåser af Slap Ya Mama venter på mig hos Jess allerede! /
plus I already have 12 cans of Slap Ya Mama waiting for me at Jess' apartment)

TSA: Bliv klar... Kellis Eventyr Kuffeter kommer snart!
TSA: Get ready....Kelli's Adventure Suitcases are headed your way!


Skogkjerring said...

I have to tell you, there is a touch of envy at your frequent travels to the states or friends and family there who supply you with things you miss on a regular basis, but I was thinking about something while reading your list and two things that struck me- you are getting highlights at an American salon and dog things for Albert. do know if you plan to live in Denmark the rest of your days you'll need to find a salon in Denmark that works for you and help Albert learn to like Danish doggie stuff and not just American!!! I'm thinking the sooner you find things that work for you in Denmark the easier your life will be there. Can't imagine how hard things would be for me here if I couldn't function without American stuff....and don't get me wrong- it's soooo fun with American stuff but I don't need it to survive and I think that is really key to becoming a successful expat...enjoying the American stuff but not NEEDING it. Hope this doesn't come across as harsh, just trying to be helpful so you can be happy here in Europe I said- I'm full of envy- you lucky dog!!!
Sorry I didn't get to the email today, been visiting a neighbour and doing various things here at the house...having guests overnight tomorrow. Will get to it soon!! Have a great evening my friend...

MoMo 2.0 said...

just a note...I do have a salon here that I really like but it is SOOOOOOOOO Expensive so every time I can get highlights in the US, I save the equivalent of about $100.... and Albert also has all the stuff he needs here (food, etc), but we want a new brush and a new lighted collar for him and again, they are SO expensive I am going to Petco and paying about 1/3 of the price...

however, I have a feeling there are some things I will always import... cannot imagine life without ice tea on a daily basis and will never understand a country that does not sell stick deodorant for women...only roll-ons. This old dog is too old to switch deodorants at this point in life... lol

Unknown said...

Do you travel home often? I am from NJ and we go back every 2-3 yrs mostly to buy clothes and especially running shoes.


Annemette Kuhlmann said...

Kelli, jeg ville blot kommentere for at fortælle dig, at jeg ikke ville kunne leve uden Cinnamon Dolce Latte og at jeg elsker det faldte mere over din kommentar om at du ikke kan finde ud af at skifte deodorant....fordi jeg er i den helt samme situation - blot med modsat fortegn! Jeg får importeret mine "roll-on's" fra Matas fordi jeg ikke kan finde ud af at bruge den amerikanske stick;o)
God tur "hjem"....jeg håber at vejret her bliver lidt bedre inden du kommer!

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

DANG! I forgot how much was in that box! LOL!!
Enjoy. Hope it lasts for at least a little while! :)
Love to ya both!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Patrick- I have lived in DK 20 months and have been back 5 times (not counting my trip tomorrow), but one of those was due to a death in the family.... Plus since I moved my parents have come here once, my daughter has come four times and 2 friends have come. So all those trips plus the care pkgs from my awesome friends back in Texas have taken quite good care of my "needs"...

And crack me up! You sound like Mads. Every time we are in the states, he asks "So when can we move here?!?!"

Unknown said...


Sorry about the death in your family. I have been living in Denmark 12½ yrs, time sure does fly!

Have a great trip!


LadyFi said...

That is SOME box - what a great friend! After 13 yrs, I rarely buy stuff from the UK anymore... except for super strong PG Tips tea bags!

As for buying stick deodorants - have you tried the Body Shop?

May said...

I have a lot of tips for cheap pet items, including food, so for another time if you need something, let me know and I might have a solution that doesn't involve flying over the Atlantic. :)

MoMo 2.0 said...

Lady Fi-- I love the Body Shop, but in DK, it is more than twice the price so I buy my body shop stuff in the US.... Lady Speed Stick Deodorant costs about 2 dollars at the grocery stores in the US..cannot beat that price.

Jesper said...

How wonderful with that package!!! I too have some danish products I am still addicted Annemette I have to have a specific Sanex Rool on from Matas...and Longo Vital - cant live without those...

I hope you enjoy your trip and your time with Jess...I am sure she cant wait to see you again...and taste your yummy cooking :-)

Unknown said...

My aunt just shipped off a package today complete with my list:
black "ouchless" hair ties
bobby pins for blonde hair
creamy three jars of creamy Jif.
And all seven of the books I ordered used from

Isn't it funny how the little homey things, and the places you can so easily go to get them, mean so much once you simply can't?

I loved that framed photo of you two that your friend sent, it is so sweet! My Husband and I have been meaning to get some of our wedding photos printed and frames still, lol.

C and H Romenesko said...

Love your list! Are you going to Starbucks? LOL. There are some things from the US that made living in a foreign country a bit easier for me. Even if it was just a betty crocker cake mix, there was an element of normalcy and comfort of my life in the US even though there was this massive pond between DK and the US. Enjoy your trip to the US and stocking up on goodies. And, when ARE you moving to the US? :-)