Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Fik jeg din opmærksomhed???
Did I get your attention???

Denne uge er "Sex Uge" i Danmark. Og nej, det er ikke en chance for mænd for at blive heldig!
This week is "Sex Week" in Denmark. And now, this is not a chance for all the husbands to get lucky!

Næsten 120,000 elever (12-16 år gamle) omkring landet deltager denne uge i "Sex Uge"---en frivillig sex uddannelse som skoler kan tilbyder til deres elever. Lige nu, er sex uddannelse ikke en krav i skolerne så Sex og Samfund begyndte "Sex Uge" i 2008. 39,000 elever deltog i den første uge men 2 år senere, har vi 3gang som mange elever!

Almost 120,000 students (between 12 and 16 years old) around the country are participating in "Sex Week" this week--a voluntary sex education that schools can offer to their students. As of now, sex ed is not compulsory in the schools, so "Sex and Society- the country's family planning organisation- began to offer "Sex Week" in 2008. That year 39,000 students participated, and now, only 2 years later that number has tripled!

Siden deltagelse er så stor, har regering indset at behovet er stort og elever vil gerne lære om sex uddannelse. Så de skal undersøge en plan for at inkludere sex uddannelse i alle skolerne for bestemt timer hvert år i stedet for kun en uge om året...

Since the participation has been so great, the government has realized that the need is great and that that young people really do want to learn about sex ed. So they have decided to research the best plan for including a set number of hours of sex ed at each appropriate grade level rather than just having a voluntary program one week in the year....

Jeg er vant til et system som tager sex uddannelse UD fra skolerne så hører om en regering som vil have det i skolerne er meget interessant til mig.....Jeg er spændt at høre mere om deres plan...

I am used to a system that wants to take sex ed OUT of the schools so to hear about a government who wants to put it into the schools is really interesting to me.... I cannot wait to hear more about their plan.


LadyFi said...

In this day and age, sex ed is so very necessary! It's a part of the curriculum here in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

I had a limited amount of sex-ed in 6th grade and again in junior high. That was back in the early nineties, in Texas. Did they take that paltry bit away?

I'm all for it. The more something is made tabu, the more people want to try it, so it really is the most prudent thing to do when kids reach a certain age.

Garkbit said...

"this is not a chance for all the husbands to get lucky"

and wives? Or is sex just something women have to suffer, like laundry.


United Studies said...

I have often wondered why people in the US get their panties in a knot when their children even hear the word "sex" yet they allow them to play violent video games and watch violent TV shows and movies?