Thursday, February 25, 2010

Texas Vejret... Texas Weather

Samtaler med Jess i går og i forgårs for at vise hvor skørt vejret i Texas er!
Conversations with Jess yesterday and the day before yesterday to show how crazy Texas weather is!
I tirsdags/On Tuesday
Jess: Mor, det sner i College Station! / Mom, it's snowing in College Station!
Kelli: Åhh Gud! Kør forsigtigt! / Oh my lord! Drive carefully!

I går / Yesterday

Kelli: Hvordan gik det med sneen? / How is the snow?

Jess: Mor, sneen er allerede væk og faktisk har vi 52F nu! /
Mom, the snow is already gone and in fact, it is already 52 degrees here!

Texas er et meget specielt sted, ikke?!
Texas is a pretty special place, don't you think?!

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LadyFi said...

I think I need to move to Texas during the winter!