Sunday, March 21, 2010

En ven i DK... A friend in DK

Har du hørt om "Flat Stanley"? Vidste du at han har været i Herning for nylig?
"Flat Stanley" er en børnshistorie om en "flad" dreng som kan rejse at se hans venner omkring verden i en kuvert i stedet for en bil eller flyvemaskine! Mange lærer bruger "Flat Stanley" i deres klasser for at lære unge elever om verden og geografi i en sjov måde.

Have you heard of "Flat Stanley"? And did you know he has been in Herning recently?
Flat Stanley is a children's book about a "flat" boy who is able to travel around the world visiting his friends in an envelope instead of a car or airplane. And in fact many teachers use the character of Flat Stanley to teacher their students about the world and geography in a fun way.

Eleverne laver deres egne Flat Stanley og sender ham til venner og familie omkring verden og spørger at de tager billeder og skiver historie om Stanleys eventyr med. Og lige jeg har sagt.... Flat Stanley har været i Herning for nylig!

Students make their own Flat Stanley and then they send him to friends and family around the world, asking them to take pictures and write a story about Stanley's adventure while he is with them. And like I said... Flat Stanley has recently been in Herning!

Min veninde Nancys datter Pammy har sendt sin Flat Stanley til mig og spurgte mig at tage Stanley omkring Herning så han kan lære sin klasse om Denmark når han rejser tilbage til Texas! Men Pammys Stanley havde en EKSTRA eventyr med mig.... fordi han ankom til Herning 2 dage før jeg rejste til London!

My friend Nancy's daughter Pammy sent her Flat Stanley to me and asked me to take Stanley around Herning so he can teach her class about Denmark when he gets back to Texas! However Pammy's Stanley had an EXTRA adventure with me....because he arrived in Herning 2 days before I left on my trip to London!

Stanley elskede alle dannebrog! Han synes at de er meget sjov at bruge dannebrog til fødselsdage, feste og alle specielle events!

Stanley loved the Dannebrog! He thought it was quite fun to use the Danish flags at birthdays, parties and all kinds of other special events!

Han ønskede at møde Dronning Margrethe men hun havde det travlt men han synes at hun er en flot dame og det er MEGET FEDT at Danmark har en dronning!

He really wanted to meet Queen Margaret, but she was quite busy; however he does think she is a lovely lady and that it is SUPER COOL that Denmark has a queen!

Hver gang vi kørte langs med vindmøller, blev han SÅ SPÆNDT!
Each time we drove passed a windmill, he got SO EXCITED!

Han tog til skole med mig en dag og kunne ikke tro alle cykler!
He went to school with me one day and could not believe all the bikes!

Og ja, Jeg tog Stanley med til London! Så han fløj til Danmark og han tog færgen til Storbrittain! Han er en verdens-rejsemand!

And yes, of course, I took Stanley with me to London! So he not only flew to Denmark, but he also took the ferry to Great Britain! He is quite the world traveler!

I morgen skal Stanley være på vej hjem til Allen, Texas så han kan fortælle Pammys klasse om hans eventyr i Danmark og London. Plus han bringer mange små ting til Pammy og sine klassekammerater! Jeg er glad for hans besøg til Herning!

Tomorrow Stanley will be on his way home to Allen, Texas so he can tell Pammy and her class all about his adventures in Denmark and London. Plus he is bringing some little surprises to Pammy and her classmates! I am glad he was able to visit me in Herning!


Rachel said...

That's awesome how many places Flat Stanley got to visit with you. Great pictures! Wondering if he's visited DC before?

PiNG aka Patti said...

LOL - Love this! She knew exactly the right person to send Stanley to!

Jesper said...

How funny. I once did that for Jims coworker when I lived in DK...hers Stanley visited Aalborg, Silkeborg, and Copenhagen and was also quite exited about DK :-)

GutsyWriter said...

What a nice idea. It reminds me of the movie "Up in the Air," where George Clooney takes the enlarged photo of his sister and her husband-to-be around the world to get photos taken next to famous landmarks.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness...we had a flat stanley visit us and I didn't do anything with him, just sent some brochures and chocolate back with him, I didn't understand!! Oh now I feel bad I didn't take pictures with him. Uff, poor kid...someone conacted me on facebook. She said all I needed was to send information about where we lived with him, so I gathered brochures and sent them back with him...along with some norwegian chocolate. Oh man...looks like your Stanley had a better visit but I wouldn't have doubted that, you've been to my house and seen what a lousy guide I am!! hahahaha!!! I need to write an apologize to the woman who contacted me! Have a great day!

LadyFi said...

What a delightful adventure he had with you. What a great idea!

travelingmama said...

This is just too cute! My kids would love Flat Stanley. I should do something like this before we head to DK for their cousins and friends!

Lisa said...

I think I will suggest Flat Stanley to my sons teacher. What a great idea!