Friday, March 5, 2010

Hummer-tid?? Hummer-time??

Benzin koster 10.50kr/litre og biler koster 185% i dansk skat så hvor (og hvorfor) kan nogen kører en HUMMER på veje i Herning Danmark? (Jeg tog billedet i morges!)

With gas at 10.5kr/liter (almost 10 dollars a gallon) and a car tax of 185% , how (and why) can someone drive a HUMMER along the roads of Herning, Denmark? (The picture was taken this morning!)


Caution/Lisa said...

I live in DETROIT and gas is 4.50/gallon and I still wonder why anyone drives a Hummer.

PiNG aka Patti said...

And on white (non-commercial) plates!! Yikes.

LadyFi said...

Those gas-guzzlers should be banned from an environmental point of view.. at least until you can buy one that runs on some renewable fossil fuel source!

Pete said...

This is not a real license plate.
It's a "prøvenummerplade" (trial license plate) that you rent from the motor office for one day at the time. Usually use by car dealers to put on uregistred cars when someone wants to test drive it.
A regular Danish license plate has two black letters followed by 5 black digits.
But trial plates like these has two red letters followed by only 3-4 black digits.
It cost 100 kr. per day to rent these plates from the motor office.

Jesper said...

Thanks for posting this , Kelli. After hearing about gas prices in DK, Jim will now officially stop bithching about gas going from 2.63 to $ 2.73 in Florida ;-)