Saturday, March 6, 2010

Schengen Samarbejdet... Schengen Agreement

Kender du Schengen? Det er en by som ligger i Luxembourg, men Schengen er også navnet af Samarbejdet imellem EU lande (og andre Europæiske lande) som var lavet i 1985

Have you heard of Schengen? It is a town in Luxembourg but it is also the name of an agreement made between the EU countries (as well as other European countries not in the EU) which was created in 1985.

Schengen Samarbejdet var lavet så alle statsborgere og andre mennesker som har tilladelse for at bo i et EU land (ligesom mig) kan rejse imellem Europas medlemlande og har ingen ordinær paskontrol. Dette billede viser medlemmer af Schengen Samarbejdet. Blå lande har implementeret aftalen; lilla lande har ikke endnu og gulde lande skal implementere i fremtiden. Og de grønne lande deltager ikke. Men HVORFOR?

Schengen Agreement was created so that all citizens and residents (like me) of the EU can travel between the member countries without the worry of passport control and restrictions. This picture of the European map shows the member countries of the Schengen Agreement. The blue countries are full participating members; the purple countries are not yet participants, but are in the process of joining, and the Green... well the green are NON-participants.

Jeg har mange grunde at jeg skriver om Schengen Samarbejdet idag... og jeg vil dele dem lidt senere men først, vil jeg meget gerne høre fra mine venner fra Storbrittanien om hvorfor landet deltager ikke. Jeg prøver og prøver at forstå... men jeg kan ikke..... og efter du hører om mine grunde, synes jeg at du vil forstå mine frustrations.... Hjælp mig...

I have lots of reasons that today I am writing about the Schengen Agreement today... and I will share those a little later, but for now I would really like to hear from my British friends and readers WHY the country does not participate??? I am really trying to understand... I really am, but I just cannot..... and when you hear my reasons later for researching this, I think you will all understand my frustration..... I need your help....


Bína said...

Just to point out :)

Iceland, Norway and Switzerland (the purple countries on the map) are all full participants in the Schengen agreement. Iceland and Norway do so through the EEA agreement which gives them access to the EU internal market, Switzerland has bilateral agreement with the EU and has recently joined the Schengen agreement.

But the yellow countries on the map are the ones that are in the process of joining Schengen agreement.

So they are not in the process of joining but have full access to the agreement.

As far as I know Iceland is the only country of these 3 countries that has a pending application to become a EU member nation.


Mads Nørgaard said...

I have done some resurges ... back in 1986 where the EU countries had to agree and sign the Schengen treaty on what kind of persons that should be able to freely cross the borders to any EU nation, England and Ireland refused to sign such an agreement. They were very narrowing minded and would only agree on people from another EU country to enter England or Ireland without and not people from a third world country ... at least not without a visa. The passport control in the following EU countries is still in affect: GB, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Rumania … and I think that is the reason that people coming from or have a back ground from a third world country have to have a visa to enter these counties.

LadyFi said...

LOL - the silly isolation of an island,huh? I'd love to know why Britain isn't in the Schengen.. it's so annoying with customs and passport control, isn't it?

Tara said...

I think for the same reasons they drive on the wrong side of the road. :)

Pete said...

Actually the three purple countires (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) are already part of the Schengen Agreemnt.
The puple color just indicates they are not EU-members.

Explanations from Wikipedia:

Blue: Fully Schengen members (EU member states which have implemented the Schengen Agreement)
Purple: Associated Schengen members (non-EU member states which have implemented the Schengen Agreement)
Yellow: Other EU member states (EU member states which have not implemented the Schengen Agreement yet)
Green: EU member states which apply only some Schengen laws

(Ireland and the United Kingdom opted out of Schengen's border control arrangements, while participating in certain provisions relating to judicial and police cooperation).

Schengen Agreement

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelli,

I will take a stab at this from my early travels in the UK in the early 1980s.

At that time, the country had still a large population of people who had lived through WWll. Their mindset was pride in their small "island" which had been a "power" in the past. Winston Churchill's voice echoed "we shall fight on the land, the sea, in the streets .... (not correct wording)" and
I felt at that time a relectance to let go of that proud past. It was evident in the currency issue as well. So I think that may have been the reason - they didn't want to be absorbed in any way at all and had a fear of that.

Perhaps with a younger population and changing times things would be different now - but maybe not. Deep rooted pride in the past may be a strong deterrent.

Maybe this is a least part of it and it is certainly what I witnessed when I was there so much in the aerly 80s.
Hope this adds to a growing list of possible reasons. All the very best,