Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Tror du at vejret påvirker os? og vores indstillinger?
Hvis du elsker varmt vejr som et barn, elsker du altid det?
Og hvis du hader snevejr som et barn, hader du altid det?
Eller er vejret/temperatur "relativ"????

Do you think that weather affects us? and our attitudes?
If you love warm weather as a kid, will you always love warm weather?
And if you hate snow as a kid, will you always hate it?
Or is the weather/the temps really just relative???

Da jeg var et barn (og som en voksen også), hadede jeg temperatur mindre end 50F. Jeg var glad for den Texas vinter fordi kolde dage bliver ikke for langt. Og da jeg boede i Dallas, syntes at temperaturen højere end 80F betød, at jeg har brug at tænde på airconditioner.

When I was a kid (and as an adult too), I hated it when the temps dipped below 50F. I was actually glad for the Texas winters because the cold days never lasted too long. And when I lived in Dallas, I thought that as soon as the temps went above 80F, it was time to turn on the air conditioner.

Dog..... jeg flyttede til Danmark og alle ændrede sig!
However.... I moved to Denmark and everything changed!

Jeg bliver spændt om temperaturen højere end 28F/-1C og faktisk bliver jeg spændt om da hele uger er 34F/1C! Det føler ikke så koldt.....
Og i sommeren har vi dage med temperatur højere end 80 og jeg åbner vinduer (siden vi ikke har airconditioner) og det føler dejligt! (Jeg åbnede aldrig vinduerne i Texas sommer!)

Now I get excited about temps above 28F and in fact, I get ex
cited when we have an entire week of temps around 34... and it just does not feel so cold....
And in the summer, we have days where the temps go above 80F, so I just open the windows (since we don't have AC) and it actually feels nice! (I would NEVER open the windows during the Texas summer!)

Så hvorfor er det?!?! (Albert og Emmitt undrer sig om det også!)
So why is this??!! (Albert and Emmitt are wondering about this same thing!)

Jeg boede i Texas som ligger på 31 N Latitude--den samme som Egypt!!
og nu bor jeg i Herning som ligger på 55 N Latitude-- den samme som Moscow!!
Da jeg tænkte på Moscow (da jeg boede i Texas), virkede det SÅ SÅ KOLD!!!
Og Egypten er stedet hvor danskerne rejser for solskin!

I lived in Texas which is at 31N Latitude--the same as Egypt!!
and now I live in Herning which sits at 55N Latitude-- the same as Moscow!!
When I lived in Texas and thought about Moscow, they were thoughts of FREEZING COLD!
And Egypt is the vacation spot that Danes head to for sunshine!

Ja, det er alle relativ...
Yep, I think it's all relative...


Pete said...

Moscow is freezing cold during the winter, even compared to Denmark.
Denmark is close in a oceanic climate zone and close to the North Atlantic Drift and Gulf Stream.
Being in a oceanic climate zone see keeps temeratures more tempered throughout the year than other places at the same latitude, e.g. Moscow which is further away from the ocean.
The Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift keeps Western Europe and Northern Europe warmer than it would otherwise be, by bringing warm water from the Gulf of Mexico.

Climates near the ocean have moderately cool summers and comparatively warm winters, they are generally characterized by a narrower annual range of temperatures than are encountered in other places at a comparable latitude, and generally do not have the extremely dry summers of Mediterranean climates.

Caution/Lisa said...

Okay, I need to look at a map. I would have put Texas and Moscow much farther north. Here in Detroit, the first 50* day with sun is an amazing study. Most cars will drive with an open window and it feels so good. BUT IT"S ONLY 50!

LadyFi said...

LOL! I once swore I'd never ever live in Sweden - too cold. And now I can just shrug my shoulders at minus 15 C! Definitely a matter of mind and attitude.

Jennifer said...

We were excited when it hit 36 yesterday! It was sunny and warm! I had to take off my coat!

Rachel said...

Interesting weather location thoughts. But the best is the picture of Emmitt & Albert wondering... they're so cute together!