Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top 10 Foreigners... The Top 10 Udlændinge

De top 10 lande hvor Herning Danmarks udlændinge kommer fra er/
The top 10 countries where Herning, Denmark's foreigners come from are:

1. Sri Lanka (1016 mennesker/people)
2. Tyrkiet / Turkey (570)
3. Polen / Poland (493)
4. Bosnien-Hercegovina /Bosnia & Herzegovina (447)
5. Somalia (326)
6. Tyskland /Germany (322)
7. Rumænien / Romania (228)
8. Litauen / Lithuania (190)
9. Ukraine (180)
10. Holland (179)

Er du overrasket om nogen af lande som er på listen?
Are you shocked by some of the countries on the list?

Så jeg kigger på listen, tænker jeg om mange spørgsmål som jeg ikke har svar til....endnu....
Føler alle disse udlændinge fra de 10 lande den samme om Danmark? Er danskernes reaktion til dem den samme? Hvorfor valgte de Danmark? Eller valgte de ikke? Hvor ofte besøger de deres hjemland (hvis nogensinde....)

As I look at the list, lots of questions come to my mind... questions to which I have no answers... yet...
Do all these foreigners from the 10 locations feel the same way about Denmark? Is the Danes reaction to them the same? Why did they choose Denmark, or did they actually choose it? How often do they visit their home country (if ever...)

Jeg er meget glad for mit arbejde med International Society men jeg føler stadig at der er mere jeg kan gøre... mere for at hjælpe udlændinge bliver integreret ind til det danske samfund... mere for at "strække arme ud" til ALLE de udlændinge gruppe... men jeg er ikke sikker på hvad jeg kan gøre... endnu!

I am so glad for my work with the International Society, but I still feel that there is more I can do..more to help foreigners to become integrated into the Danish society...more to reach out to ALL the foreign groups....but I am just not sure what that is exactly... not yet, anyway!


LadyFi said...

I guess I wasn't expecting Germany and Holland, but the other nationalities make sense if you think about wars and unstable political situations. Although I wonder why the Iranians/Iraqis are not listed...

PiNG aka Patti said...

Okay, I had left some of those off my list because I thought you meant where are they coming from "now" - the first two, I believe, are mostly those that came 20 years ago.

Stephanie said...

Is the sri lanka number new? I wrote a term paper last year on this and the number was overwhelmingly Turkish. My Danish book for sprogskole that I'm using now also lists the top 10 countries and Sri Lanka isn't even on one of thee.

Jen said...

Have I mis-understood? That means there are less than 179 Brits or Americans in the whole of the Danish population of 5.5 million? That seems impossible. Or is this per million? I'm both confused and intrigued.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Sorry for the confusion.. I think I was having a major BLONDE MOMENT with my new highlights I got yesterday!! These numbers are for the Herning Kommune.. (part two of a blog I did a few days ago... about Herning's foreigners). Should have said that in the post today! OOPS!

The groups for DK are VERY similar as far as the ones on the top ten list, but Stephanie is right...Sri Lankans have settled in our area near Herning for some reason, so they are disproportionately higher here than in the country as a whole...

Again, sorry for the confusion!
I think my brain is screwed back on the right way now.

Jen said...

Oh I understand now, and actually I see you said Herning in the first sentence so it was me being silly, not you!
Thank you, Jen

Garkbit said...

What's interesting for me is that I tend to think of Herning as a place with a lot of Sri Lankans. Then you look at the figures and realise that this "huge Sri Lankan influx" is actually just a 1000 people which puts it slightly more in context! Of course, my knowledge of Herning comes mostly from the Cricket Club which may have given me a slightly skewed picture of the demographics :-)

I am slightly surprised at the absence of Brits (compared to Germany/Holland).