Saturday, May 1, 2010


Herning Kommune har en plan.
En plan for at hjælpe udlændinge i området.
En plan som De har haft brug for igennem lang tid.

Herning Municipality has a plan.
A plan to help foreigners in the area.
A plan that they have needed for quite a long time.

Jeg kan huske mit første besøg til Herning Kommune (i August 2008) hvor jeg skulle underskrive min kontrakt som en ny borger i Danmark..... Faktisk kan jeg kun huske 3 ting om mit første besøg til Herning Kommune.
1) Der var en tolk til mødet fordi min sagsbehandler ikke kunne tale engelsk.
2) Den første ting at Birthe (min sagsbehandler) fortalte mig var "Vi tilbyder ikke penge til dig."
3) Birthe fortalte mig at jeg havde "for meget" uddannelse til hendes skema.... hun havde ikke plads nok til at skrive alle mine uddannelser.

I can remember my first visit to the Herning Municipality (in August 2008) in order to sign my contract as a new resident of Denmark..... Actually, I can only remember 3 things about that first visit to the Municipality.
1) There was a translator there in our meeting because my caseworker couldn't speak English.
2) The first thing that Birthe (my caseworker) told me was "We cannot offer you any money."
3) Birthe told me that I had "too much education" for her form....she did not have enough boxes for all the education I was telling her I had.

Det tager tid (og penge og lyst) for at skifte tingene i regering så jeg forventer ikke at det bliver bedre på en gang! Men i sidste uge meddelte Herning Kommune at alle deres medarbejder som arbejder sammen med udlændinge skal tage sprog klasser PÅ ENGELSK!!!! Ikke alle nye borger i Herning kan tale engelsk men de fleste kan, så dette er et skridt i den rigtige retning!

It takes time (and money and desire) to change things in government, so I certainly do not expect it all to get better at once! But last week Herning Kommune announced that all of its employees who work with foreigners in the area are going to take language classes IN ENGLISH! Not all of the new residents to Herning can speak English, but most can so this is definitely a step in the right direction!


Skogkjerring said...

Yes, it's good when Scandinavian countries realize more and more how international their countries are becoming and take measures there after...It was like this a lot in Norway when I first got here, everything in Norwegian, very little in English...then came the reality tv shows like big brother and such and the youth were speaking a lot of english together and then more and more foreigners have come and norwegians are travelling more...all of this equals a more international enviroment and English is the international it's all positive!

LadyFi said...

Great idea! I just can't imagine people in Denmark not being able to speak Danish. Scandinavians usually start English lessons very early on in school.

And think of all the money it will save in the long run not to have to use translators.

N said...

What is the foreigners can't speak English either? Do they offer translators of their mother tongue?

I haven't even made my casework yet...maybe I should visit her one of those days to get a job.

MoMo 2.0 said...

The Kommunes all offer translators in a variety of languages but this will definitely save money because the larger majority CAN speak English.

Bluefish- I had my meeting within 60 days of my move to DK because I had to sign my integration contract....have you not had to do that yet???

monica said...

OMG, I remember listening to your experience with "B" and thinking about how I would be visiting with her the following week! Thanks to you I dragged Finn with me to do the translating! :) Thanks for taking one for the team...ok, so more than one.