Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ordblind.. Dyslexia

Det er interresant for at læse nyheder om den danske folkeskole siden alle min efaring i det danske system er fra gymnasiet. Denne uge læste jeg en historie om en elev i Kalundborg som har ordblind og hvor undervisningsminister har bestemt at give ham "ordblind services".

It is interesting for me to read news stories about the Danish primary schools since all of my experience with the Danish education system is at the gymnasium level. This week I read a story about a student in Kalundborg who has dyslexia and how the education system has decided to provide dyslexia services for him.

Vi har haft ordblind og andre specielle klasse for elever som har manglende indlæringsevne i USA for mange mange år...faktisk "Special Education" er en af den største afdelings i Amerikansk uddannelse.

We've had dyslexia as well as other special classes for students with learning disabilities in the US for many many years. In fact, Special Education is one of the largest departments in the entire American education system.

Så læs om drengens uddannelseplan og bestem hvis man er så chokeret som jeg var...

Så read about this boy's education plan and see if you are as shocked as I was about it...


Annemette Kuhlmann said...

Mere vanvittig læsning fra de hjemlige kanter!

HOLMES said...

Well, some questions:

1. Are Danish teachers trained like American teachers supposedly are to know how to help children with learning disabilities?

2. Do Danish programs like the one that is in the article actually HELP the child learn to overcome/live with/manage their disability? Or is it like the system in America, which believes that giving half of an assignment, extra time to complete it, and removing one answer choice solves the problem?

3. What's the rate of autism diagnoses among Danish children?

United Studies said...

WTH? Half a million kroner?! That is just ridiculous. I mean, I know that he needs a special education, but wouldn't it be cheaper for the Danish education system to pay a teacher to teach at his school??

LadyFi said...

Oh dear!