Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seattle in the Fall..... Seattle i efteråret

A conversation with Mads this past spring:

Mads: Since we are both turning 40 this year, maybe we should do a party together to celebrate! 
Kelli: Ok, what did you have in mind?
Mads: Like an 80 year old celebration in the middle of our 2 birthdays.
Kelli: I actually have a better idea!
Mads: I'm listening....
Kelli: Well I know that your favorite place we have ever visited is the Kennedy Space Center, but I thought of something JUST AS GOOD for your birthday this year?
Mads: Ok, now I am REALLY listening....
Kelli: How would you like to be on a tour of Boeing on your 40th birthday?
Mads: (SPEECHLESS, his mouth open...)
Kelli: I am serious! I have to go to Seattle in October and want you to go with me! 
Mads: Ok, girl, you better start explaining before I have a heart attack!

En samtale med Mads i foråret:

Mads: Siden vi begge to bliver 40 år dette år, tror jeg at vi kunne have en fest sammen med hinanden for at fejre! 
Kelli: Ok, hvad synes du om? 
Mads: Vi kunne have en "80 år gammel" fest på dato i midten af vores dage. 
Kelli: Jeg har en bedre ide! 
Mads: Jeg lytter.......
Kelli: Jeg ved godt at din yndlingssted som vi har besøgt er Kennedys Space Centre, men jeg havde en ide af noget som du vil nyde så meget som Kennedy Space Centre! 
Mads: Ok, jeg lytter stadig.... 
Kelli: Hvordan lytter en tur af Boeing? Ville du lide at gøre det på din fødselsdag? 
Mads: (Han kan ikke tale.... hans mund stå åben......)
Kelli: Jeg mener det! Jeg har brug for at tage til Seattle i October og vil meget gerne tage du med! 
Mads: Ok, pige.... du skal begynde at forklare nu! Mit hjerte løber!!! 

Herning Gymnasium has a pilot program called the "Seattle Class" which is a collaborative project with Edmonds Community College in Seattle, Washington. This class will spend 2 months of its 2nd year of gymnasium studying at ECC where the students will be enrolled in college classes at the school. So in 2009 a group of students who planned to enroll in the science line applied to be in the Seattle Class...30 of them were chosen and in August 2009, the first Seattle Class began at Herning Gymnasium. 

Herning Gymnasium har en ny program kaldes "Seattle Class" som er en samarbejdeproject  med Edmonds Community College (ECC) i Seattle Washington. Denne hold skal blive i Seattle i 2 måneder i deres andet år på gymnasium hvor de skal tage universitet klasser på ECC. Så i 2009 ansøgte en gruppe af naturvidenskab elever for at tilmelde i Seattle Class. 30 af dem var valgte og i august 2009, begyndte den første Seattle Class. 

This is the first project of its kind in all of Denmark, but I have a feeling others will follow the lead of such an innovative and globally focused idea!
The Seattle class will stay together all 3 years, just as all gymnasium classes do, and I was fortunate enough to be chosen as its English teacher. And even more fortunate to be chosen as 1 of 2 teachers who will travel with the class to Seattle on October 1, 2010 to deliver them to their host families at ECC. 

Dette projekt er den første ligesom det i hele Danmark men jeg er sikker på at andre skoler vil følge Herning Gymnasiums ide fordi det er en nyskabelse og er fokuseret på verden.  Seattle Class vil blive sammen i 3 år, ligesom alle gymnasiet hold og jeg var heldig nok for at blive deres engelske lære. Jeg var også heldig nok for at blive 1 af de 2 lærer som vil rejse sammen med elever i oktober for at aflevere dem til deres værtfamilie i ECC. 

The students will take all the normal classes at ECC--math, physics, chemistry, history and English and they will have their Danish classes online with their Danish teacher here in Denmark. The HG teachers for this team are collaborating with the teachers in Seattle to make sure that the students have a seamless transition from one campus to the other and back again. I have also been teaching them about a variety of "American things" throughout the last year to help them be as prepared as possible for their time in the US! It has been so exciting to be part of this project and I cannot wait to see it come to life when the kids get to Seattle.

Elever tager de almindelige klasser på ECC---matematik, fysik, kemi, histori og engelsk og de skal tage dansk på computer med deres danske lære som blive her i Danmark. HG lærer samarbejder med lærer i Seattle så elever kan have en god og nem overgang fra DK til Seattle og tilbage igen. Jeg har også underviste dem om mange "amerikanske ting" i sidste år for at hjælpe dem at blive så forbedret så muligt for deres tid i US. Det har været så spændt for at blive en del af projektet og jeg er meget spændt for at se det "come to life" når de ankommer til Seattle! 

So when the school asked me to take the students to Seattle, I asked if it would be ok to bring Mads with them. In fact, I am flying Jess (and the boyfriend!) up to Seattle to meet us there so that we can have a little family trip while I am working! We will visit the ORIGINAL Starbucks, Pike's Fish Market, the Seattle Needle, hopefully Mt. Rainier and of course, Mads will get to visit the BOEING FACTORY! I am excited about Starbucks...he is excited about the PLANES! Just like a little boy... I figure it will be the perfect place to celebrate his 40th birthday!

Så da skolen spurgte mig at rejse med elever til Seattle, spurgte jeg om Mads tager med...  Faktisk vil Jess (og sin kæreste) vil flyve også til Seattle og møde os så vi kan have en lille familietur imens jeg arbejde. Vi vil besøge den FØRSTE Starbucks, Pikes Fiskemarked, Seattle Needle, og SELVFØLGELIG... Mads skal besøge den BOEING Fabrik! Jeg er spændt om Starbucks og han er spændt om de FLYVEMASKINER! Ligesom en lille dreng..... Jeg synes at det blive en perfekt sted for at fejre hans fødselsdag! 


Anonymous said...

Now that is the perfect present for both of you!

And kudos and congrats to you in arranging such a wonderful global opportunity for your kids.

Skogkjerring said...

what a very cool project for the kids and how neat you get to be a part of it!! And you guys rock when it comes to celebrating your 40th birthdays!! Not sure I'll have any celebration half as good as yours but I'm living vicariously through your travels so it's still fun!!!

PiNG aka Patti said...

I may also be heading for Seattle at some point this fall! You will definitely enjoy your time there :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a brilliant project for the students to be involved in! Any time I have spent abroad as part of my studies has always resulted in me getting back more enthused about the subject and learning. Lucky of you to be involved with it as well
And of course: Enjoy Seattle :)

C and H Romenesko said...

You are going to LOVE Seattle! What a fun and exciting experience for your students...amazing!

It looks like you've picked up all my traveling habits / schedule after I left DK. Good for you. Enjoy!