Thursday, July 15, 2010

Windmills..... Vindmøller

As we drove along the California highways, Mads sat with the camera in his hands....just in case we saw something cool! (I trained him well!) As we headed east on Hwy 99, I saw something in the distance....something cool, but I could not figure out what it was at first.

Så vi kørte langs med vej i California, sad Mads med kameraet i sine hænder....for en sikkerheds skyld at vi så noget fedt! (Jeg lærte ham godt!) Så vi kørte mod øst på Hwy 99, så jeg noget på vejen foran os men jeg var ikke sikker på hvad det var.....

The closer we got, the more excited I became..... it was a hillside COVERED with windmills. Not the big giant ones that Siemens exports, but they were definitely windmills!

Så vi kørte tættere, blev jeg mere og mere spændt.... det var en bakke FULD MED vindmøller! Ikke de store vindmøller som Siemens eksporter men det var BESTEMT Vindmøller!

Now I know that there is at least one "green farmer" living in California! Wonder if all his windmills will offset the cars that belong to the 8 million people living in L.A.?
:-) At least it's a start!

Nu ved jeg at der er en "Grøn landmand" som bor i California! Jeg undrer mig hvis alle disse vindmøller kan hjælpe situationen med 8,000,000 mennesker som bor i L.A. og kører biler?
:-) Det er en begyndelse!


Tara said...

:) I worked there too! They are Kenetech 56-100's. Some of the first turbines made, but terrible for birds because they perch and nest on them. It takes about 20-30 to make the same energy as a big one. :) (depends on how big the "big one" is)

I should have arranged a tour for you! :)

Skogkjerring said...

Any time you see an American doing something for the environment it's a great thing especially considering the Americans I meet do not believe there is a global warming problem...go figure!!

Kathy said...

CA has a few areas with a windmill presence and has for at least 15+ years -- I always thought these were feeding into the state's power grid rather than for the private benefit. See for more details. Still a long way to go...