Saturday, October 23, 2010

Got Knife?

My students have been in Seattle for 3 weeks now and I have been faithfully reading their blogs about their adventures in the know, the blogs that their English teacher MADE them create before they left and ASSIGNED them to post in at least once a week! Well, a large majority of my kids are posting WAY more often than weekly as they are really seeing their blog as a way to journal this awesome experience, not just as an assignment from that crazy American teacher that they have!

Anyway, in the course of reading their blogs and FB status updates these 3 weeks, I have discovered all kinds of things about what they are discovering! Some of these things are the things I taught them about in our "All about the USA" lessons that we had before they left (Thanks again, Anarella, for such a great idea!!), but many others are things that I never even thought of (being a native), but is so great to read about their impressions! 

Since y'all know about this awesome project that Herning Gymnasium is in the middle of and have followed my writings about my students, I thought you might like to hear what they are saying about these first 21 days in the USA! Here are a few of my favorite quotes that I have run across this last week:

Quote 1:
"I finally just broke down and asked my host mom if she could give me a knife at every meal. I tried to eat with just a fork, but it is impossible." 

We talked a LOT about this before they left and I admitted that I CANNOT, no matter how hard I try, eat like the Danes with their fork/knife now I do it MY way....and they should do it THEIR way as well! No need to starve because you cannot operate the silverware! :-)

Quote 2:
"My body is probably more healthy already because I have not drank beer in so long, but I think the American food I am eating will more make up for that!"

Who would've thought that being in a country with a drinking age of 21 for 2 months could be like a de-tox program. LOL

Quote 3:
"I just cannot seem to stop going back to Barnes and Noble! At first it was for the Starbucks, but now I keep buying so many books! How will I get them all back to Denmark?!"

This quote makes me SOOOOO proud!

Quote 4:
"I find myself going to bed around 11 at night. At first I thought it was the jet lag, but now after 3 weeks, I am still doing it because everything closes so much earlier on the weekends here AND because there is that curfew! It's crazy!"

I warned them about the curfews....but I don't think they really believed that it was a real thing... Yep, they believe now! :-)

Quote 5:
"Kelli warned us about strangers talking to you...on the bus, in the shops, everywhere! At first I thought it was strange, but now I think it's great! I wish Danes would learn to do this more!"

YEAH!! A good thing about Americans! :-) We may eat unhealthy, but we sure know how to make people feel welcomed!

One thing that I have overwhelmingly noticed about their blogs is how POSITIVE they are! Of course they miss home, their families and rugbrød, but they are truly embracing these new experiences and doing like Thoreau encouraged us... "Sucking the marrow out of life"
They are an inspiration to me!


Anonymous said...

Seems like they are really getting something out of it! Would have been great to have had something like that in our schools. I had to find opportunities outside of school to do something similar

Haha to the first quote though! On my first trip to Denmark I broke down after a couple of days and asked to make rugbrod sandwiches and eat them with my fingers! I just couldn't manage (much better now at it ;)).

PS: are the student blogs online? If so would love to read the Danish experience! I see my point of view of Danes, but their point of view is just as valid and could teach us much!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful experience they are having - all very positive. I'm with them about needing a fork!

Sherri Williams said...

This is really interesting. Do you remember Ingrid Mol? She was a foreign exchange student our senior year. Anyway, she used to say the same thing about the beer and the going to bed early. LOL

Unknown said...

I'm so proud of your students!
And it makes me homesick for warm, friendly, chatty folks...and barnes&noble. lol.

Plus, out of all places, Seattle?! Knife to my heart, Kelli.
Are they all staying in Seattle proper, or on the peninsulas/ in the burbs around Seattle?

Nuno said...

So things close earlier in Seattle than in Herning at the weekend? Surely you jest? That would be like things didn't open at all!!

Moose said...

One of the first places my daughter is going to hit, when she flies back to Houston, is Barnes & Noble.

Ordering books from Amazon is great, but nothing beats seeing the aisles of books, the smell of coffee brewing, and the comfort that you are amongst other people that enjoy reading.

Happy to read that your students are keeping a journal on blogger. It was a great idea.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Sheri, I do remember her!! And Steen...the guy from Sweden! LOL Good times!!

And Annuca, several folks have asked for the links to their blogs... I will post those ASAP! :-)

And "Moose"---omg you are SOOO right...sitting in the floor of B&N or Half Price Books for hours and hours....the BEST way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Unknown said...

I loved reading their quotes, especially number 5!

Alex said...

So cute!