Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to be nice....

This book was recently featured in the Copenhagen Post (the Danish newspaper in English), and while the title of Lars AP's book may turn some people off, I really think he may be onto something.....

I just ordered my own copy from Gyldendal (The link is HERE!) and cannot wait for it to arrive!


"Be f*****g nice to each other"

Danes have a harder time opening up to others, according to Lars AP, who has started a nationwide niceness campaign

Only in Denmark can you get away with using the F-word in your book’s title and cause absolutely no uproar over it.
But the title of the new book from Lars Andreas Pedersen – who goes by the moniker Lars AP – isn’t meant to offend. ‘F**king Flink’ is aimed at giving Pedersen’s fellow countrymen tips on how to be more open and polite to strangers.
‘Flink’ is the Danish word for ‘nice’, and as the son of an American father and Danish mother, Pedersen thinks he understands what the concept is all about.


As a foreigner, I cannot (and should not think that I can) change the Danes. But maybe books like this will not only help me to understand them better, but encourage them (since it is written by a Dane in Danish) to look at the bigger picture.  I figure it's worth a shot and 160kroner! 

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Nina Ø said...

I think the book and his blog are a good thing. I do not experience any of this since when I come to Dk I am there to visit family and so I am always included. I need to ask my cousins what they think because they all read alot. I like that we can say F###n Nice in danish and no one gets upset.