Monday, October 25, 2010

My Bucket List

Hopefully everyone has a "Bucket List"! You know....that thing (either written on paper or written in the back of your mind) that tells you all the things you want to experience before you Kick the Bucket?! Well I definitely have one and I must say that I have been so fortunate in the last few years to be able to check things off my bucket list that I NEVER DREAMED I would actually get to do! 

As I got ready to mark one item off my list this weekend, I started to think back on some of the "bucket list" things that I done in the last several months, some "BIG" and some "SMALL".... but all things that make you realize how awesome life is!

July 2009-- Moved Jess into her first apartment and then got to do that thing that makes us moms feel amazing....cooked up a bunch of her favorite things and, as we say in the south, "put 'em up in the freezer" for her to have later after I went back home.

October 2009--Picked up my sister at the Copenhagen Airport for what I hope is the first of many more SISTER adventures!

April 2010--Heard Jess talk about the guy she loves in a way that I realized that she really is in love.

May 2010--Stood in front of Stonehenge with Mads & Jess....completely in awe.

July 2010--Flew over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter with Mads & Jess.

and Friday, October 22, 2010---saw one of my favorite artists LIVE.... one whose music I used to make up dances to when I was in junior high (and I admit, high school too!) and whose songs make me feel YOUNG again! Take a look!

I hope you have a bucket that includes BIG FANCY things and more importantly, small, simple things..... 


N said...

I have a life goals list on my wall instead of a bucket list. :)

Anonymous said...

Big and small dreams are essential to life and transform it into something special.

Tina M Cella said...

I actually never thought much about it (though I have seen the movie), but maybe I should. I know that I want to get over my fear of flying and see the rest of the world :-)

Tina M Cella said...

And I want to live in Spain again!

nettielouise said...

I'm so jealous! I'd definitely love to see Prince in concert! How COOL!