Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Book Recommendation

My students in Seattle are required to keep a blog (in English) during their 2 months in the US. It is one of those things that they grumbled about in the beginning, but I know that after they get back and want to remember all their fabulous experiences during the 2 months, they will APPRECIATE that I made them do it! :-) Not only are they writing regular blog posts, but I am reading and commenting on every single one of them, and I have to admit, I am learning A LOT through their perspectives and their experiences!

My favorite blog posts are the ones that are about literature or reading or about their discovery of my favorite store in the whole world, Barnes and Noble. And there was one such blog post this weekend! Kåre, one of my students, made a book recommendation on his blog post this weekend-- a recommendation of a book I have not heard of! How, living in Denmark, the country that exports more windmills than any other country, I have not heard of this book is beyond me! But I can tell you that after Kåre's recommendation and this interview with Jon Stewart, I have added ""The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" to my shopping list when I get to Seattle in 2 weeks!

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May said...

"Where was this Google all this time?" - brilliant.

What an inspiring young man! How many 14-year-olds look at a picture of a windmill and think "I can do that"? Fascinating.

Anonymous said...


Nina Ø said...

Thanks Kelli. I am going to buy this and if it is good as it sounds I am giving it my staff as a holiday present.