Friday, November 19, 2010

Could I come to DK?

With Denmark's new immigration point system now officially in place, I have discovered a few things.....  mainly about what parts of my 40 years of living that Denmark would deem worthy and what parts it would deem ..... umm... well, as "best that you stay where you came from". 

According to DF, Denmark with its new scoring system has Europe's tightest immigration rules. You can take this simple "checklist test" to find out if you can stay in Denmark if you are a foreigner who wants to marry a Dane, or if you are a Dane picking a foreign spouse, this will help you figure out which ones to fall in love with...  

They say this is to prevent ARRANGED or FORCED marriages...yeah, because I am sure that people are knocking down the door to enter into forced marriages in DK...  Katy-bar-the-door..... desperate women on the prowl for Danish men. Only solution, TOUGHER IMMIGRATION POLICIES! 

This whole point system is based on your education, your language skills and your work experience.  For example if you have a degree from one of the universities on "the list", you are in good worries! 
They are:
Harvard University, USA
California Institute of Technology, USA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Stanford University, USA
Princeton University, USA
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
University of California Berkeley, USA
Imperial College London, UK
Yale University, USA
University of California Los Angeles, USA
University of Chicago, USA
Johns Hopkins University, USA
Cornell University, USA
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
University of Michigan, USA
University of Toronto, Canada
Columbia University, USA
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

As a person with 3 university degrees from dang good schools (and with the student loans to prove it!) that are not on this list, I want to throw up when I read that list...... 

Or if you have extensive work experience in one of the fields listed here:
(and yeah, from this list you can see that I would qualify because I was a high school principal, but not if I were a high school teacher in something like... ummm.. ENGLISH.) Good thing Mads picked me LATER in my career instead of earlier.

The other elements on this list are related to 1) Language and 2) Housing. 
You have to show proficiency in one of the "world's languages"... interesting name for a group of languages that  includes only 4 (English, German, Spanish, French)...especially since I am pretty sure that usually a population index, languages such as: well, Chinese and Hindi should probably be on a list that is called "THE WORLD's LANGUAGES"....
You have to promise that you are not planning to live in a GHETTO. Yes, it really does say that on the checklist. "DU VIL IKKE BOSÆTTE SIG I UDSAT BOLIGOMRÅDE/GHETTO." So does that mean that the real estate people/kommune people cannot FORCE you to move there either???? 

I think the main part of this whole debate that really angers/frustrates/sickens me is that being raised in a democratic society has taught me to use my VOTE, my VOICE, my INFLUENCE to make change....
however as a person who is not allowed to vote in national elections, I have no VOTE, VOICE, least not in the way I am used to.

We have all joked on FB this week about a social revolution (very STEINBECK-like in nature).... and we have all laughed about the "citronmåne" that were sent to DF.... but seriously, in a society where you cannot vote or be a part of the political system, HOW do we make change. 
(other than sitting around bitching and moaning...or writing posts on our blogs that bitch and moan.) There MUST BE another way.
And my Viking and I are committed to discovering what that is......


Anonymous said...

It's such a sad development in a country which has been regarded as easy going and relaxed.

N said...

Why most of the universities are from U.S.A.? Too bad I didn't go to UofT because it's freakin' too far!

This stupid list doesn't make sense and I say we all should do a rally to let them hear OUR voice!

Stephanie said...

What have other historically oppressed people done? What did women did at Seneca Falls before they had the right to vote? Let's look at history, this is not the first time people have been in this situation... and then let's rally!

Caution/Lisa said...

Sounds like it was drafted by the crazy man for whom I used to work. Unbelieveable elitism.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been in Denmark for very long and, given, my husband didn't speak much about his homeland during our affair, and these past few months have left nothing but a huge smear on my opinion of this place, sadly.

I so wanted to like Denmark, and thought they could be reasonable... but.. I guess I was wrong.

Prevent arranged or forced marriages? Pfft, all of those forms stink of arranged marriage. Arranging strapping young Danes to marry strapping young Ivy-league grads.


gravko/blog said...

Not all danes agree with the government policy:

Garkbit said...

Is this what they call dog-whistle politics? They can't actually say "we want rich white people" so they just list elite universities from mostly-white countries and every understands what they mean. Naser Khader should be hanging his head in shame over having anything to do with this. Unfortunately, shame isn't big on his list of personal attributes.