Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday night fun

What did you do last night? Were you at some fancy party sipping fancy cocktails with fancy people? And more importantly, what are you doing NEXT Saturday night?

If your Saturday nights do not demand a certain level of FANCINESS and you are content to just hang out at home with your family doing something FUN (and ALSO FREE!!!!), then this is the blog post for you!

However if you prefer to spend your weekend nights in the company of other people wearing uncomfortable shoes, shiny jewelry and lots of make-up, stop reading now! This event is not for you!

TV2 has a new show on Saturday nights called "BINGO BANKO". It comes on at 8pm but it does require you to do a little bit of work before 8pm arrives. You have to go to this website: and click on:


I would suggest printing at least 5 cards per person in your family, and yes, the kids can play too because it does not go that fast!! 

Here are your instructions for FAMILY FUN: Print the bingo cards, grab a few markers or crayons, pour yourself a cold drink, dump some chips or snacks into a bowl, and find yourself a seat in the living room. Then turn your TV to TV2 promptly at 8 and PLAY BINGO BANKO!!!

The greatest thing is that this is FREE! There is no cost to play and there are some FANTASTIC PRIZES!! Like seriously fantastic! Last night a woman in Odense won a 4 day excursion to Greenland just for getting 2 rows of numbers filled! 
AND it is completely entertaining ! The hosts are total dorks, but in an amusing way so you are cracking up the entire hour! 

I am not sure how long this show will continue, but for now it is being advertised as "every Saturday night"! So forget the fancy events that you had on your calendar! They can wait because right now it's time to play BINGO BANKO! 


Anonymous said...

LOL! My grandmother loved Bingo - she used to go to the bingo halls we had in the UK. So great to see it's making its comeback!

nell said...


Anonymous said...

I am loving this. I also used to do Bingo with my grandma in the UK.