Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Isn't it funny how geography can play such a huge role in how we define things?!
If I say the words "Christmas shopping", it immediately conjures up an image in your head of what Christmas shopping LOOKS LIKE.

In my "LBD" (life before Denmark), this is what Christmas shopping looked like:

Northpark Mall, The Galleria, & Stonebriar Mall, all three in the Dallas area.... filled with multiple floors with every type of shop you can imagine, gigantic Christmas trees and even ice skating; plus they are filled with lots of hustle and bustle and a little bit of madness, but in a really good way! In fact I think of them as my American version of cozy... Christmas songs playing overhead while you shop, clerks wearing Santa hats, Starbucks offering Peppermint Mocha about every hundred yards or so, and shoppers checking things off their lists!

Now Christmas shopping has a new face in my world in Herning, Denmark. There are not multiple floors filled with all the shops I am looking for, there is not much hustle or bustle or even much madness, and I have not seen a clerk in a Santa hat or a Peppermint mocha (although freshly roasted almonds do run a close second....) , but Christmas shopping in Herning does kind of grow on you after a while...... Take a look....
    I like to think of it as ADDING to my definition of Christmas Shopping rather than one replacing the other.....  Christmas shopping has an even bigger meaning now that I can see it from two perspectives!


O said...

Thanks to you I am craving the peppermint mocha... LOL

Anonymous said...

Lovely old buildings in Herning! I can't even imagine having an ice rink inside a mall... that's amazing!