Sunday, December 5, 2010

Julekalender 2010

My first Christmas in Denmark was in December 2008; it was also the first year I was introduced to the "Julekalender". In fact I wrote a blog about it here:  EVERY NIGHT IN DECEMBER. It is one of those very "local" kinds of things that most outsiders will think is quite goofy; well, actually some locals think it is quite goofy! However, I freaking love it!!

I watched it faithfully every evening in December 2008 and so last year when December 1st rolled around, I told Mads I was so excited to see the Julekalender again! For one thing, my Danish was a year-older so I could understand it better, but also because I thought it could maybe become one of my new "Danish Christmas traditions". However, Mads SADLY informed me that it only comes on EVERY OTHER CHRISTMAS season! So you can imagine my anticipation for the arrival of December 2010!

There are two parts to each episode of the Julekalender---one is the story of Gertrude and Oluf Sands. We follow her obsession of putting up the Christmas decorations in their house and his frustration with her! The other story is of 3 Nisse-men, Hansi, Gynther and Frits who speak a little like me--- in a fantastic English/Danish Mix! I remember laughing at these 3 guys the entire month in 2008 as I read the Danish subtitles (since I could not really understand everything that well). However now I can honestly say that I can FULLY enjoy these goofy characters because I "get" what they are saying so much better now! Sounds silly, but it's a small victory as I can actually see proof of my language development!

Here is the song the Nisse-men sang tonight... and even if you don't know Danish, it will not matter...
It really is quite funny!

I borrowed the Julekalender dvds from my friend, May-Lin, last year so I think I will need to buy my own set so that I can watch them in the "odd" years when it does not come on!

I don't like risalamande or flæskesteg or rødkål or any of those other traditional Danish Christmas foods, but I DO like the Julekalender and think it makes a great addition to my Christmas traditions!


nell said...

Only in DK would they only play it on odd years. Imagine if they only played A Christmas Story on odd years in the States...there'd be riots in the streets! :)

Nina Ø said...

Thanks for sharing Kelli.
I loved this!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelli, if you are willing to try again, THE BEST BEST BEST flæskesteg is available at 2 places in CPH. These are mostly places where folks from Danske Bank and the government workers at the Rådhus have lunch. The waitress at the place near the Rådhus is just the sweetest, most friendly lady who will be super-open to your Danish. It's next to a hotel, but not very many tourists seem to eat there; it's all locals. It's called Tivoli Havn and the flæskesteg there is the sooooo amazing, especially with porse snaps. They also have the most incredible herring - so naturally sweet, not like any other herring you've ever had. They get it from a special place in Bornholm. By CPH standards, the place is very reasonably priced. I won't even go into massive fits discussing how incredible the lightly smoked fresh eel with scrambled eggs, sour cream, and chives are. Puk, behind the National Museum, is better known I think, but is really notable for the grff kindness of the manager. She's an elderly lady from Vesterboro, with the old working-class accent. She's not as "I will do everything but hug you" like they are Tivoli Havn, yet when you're not expecting it she'll sneak another pour of snaps into your glass. There's so much love in DK if you are ready to be open to it. Both of these places can change your life on the subject of flæskesteg, if you are brave! BTW, my fave holiday thing: gløgg. Would you like my recipe? Let's trade!

Nina Ø said...

Kelli, I hope you like æbelskivers with red raspberry jam! I want you holiday to have some nice traditions.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Nina and Anon, I LOVE æbleskiver and glögg! So yes, anon, please send me your recipe because my recipe is:

Go to Føtex.
Buy the carton of pre-mixed glögg and the bag of raisins and almonds.
Come home and warm up.

May said...

Does this mean that you don't like the ribben sandwich from the grill in Herning Centeret either?

They are soooooo good.

btw. If you have finished with the DVDs, could you bring them next weekend? We're thinking it's time to watch Matador again.

If you haven't watched it yet, then there's no hurry. Take your time. :)

Dansk Viking said...

So funny! I have never seen the Julekalender on TV after 4 years here but now that I have read about it, I will make sure to catch it this year...!

monica said...

OMG! I love flæskesteg!! Honest, it is one of my all-time favorite Danish dishes! Yummy! The rice, just ok though. And with cherry sauce...bleg! lol
I am with you is fantastic to see things fast forward two years later and actually catch the nuances that we missed before! :)

Det Forkromede Overblik said...

I have to correct your assumptions about the subtitles in The Julekalender. The episodes are not subtitled because the people in Zealand can't understand danish... it is because the people in Jutland can't speak danish;-D