Monday, January 10, 2011

A break from blogging....

...and a break from life.

For me to NOT be online, you gotta know something must be up.
In fact numerous people have commented about how many days I seemed to be AWOL from Facebook. 
Makes a girl feel loved! :-)

Truth is my body is just not cooperating with life.
Or life is not cooperating.... yeah, I am pretty sure it's the body at fault.

I have had pain, really bad pain, in the right side of my neck/shoulder/chest/arm for several months now. Pain that feels like electricity running through my veins.
Tried chiropractic.
Tried massage.
Tried acupuncture.
Tried physical therapy.
Have seen the chiropractor, the massage therapist, my regular doc, the acupuncturist, my regular doc again, the neurologist, and most recently the physical therapist. 

However the physical therapist has "sent me back" to the neurologist and my regular doctor because he thinks that the MRI they did on me missed something....something dating back to 2001. And he wants a new scan which we will do on Friday.

Lots of friends have asked about my "issues" and how I am doing, so I figured it would be easier to give the abbreviated version of my medical history here rather than trying to explain it to each person that asks.

Basically on October 5, 2000, I weighed 157 pounds; this was the day I moved into an apartment after separating from Jess' dad. By January 2001, I weighed 214 pounds and was having up to a dozen "seizures" a day. No doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. And believe me, I saw MANY!
One doctor even had the NERVE to ask me if I was sleepwalking and overeating in my sleep... yes, seriously. Every doctor said the same thing-- most of my "numbers" seemed fine except for copper.... it was WAY elevated, but I did not have any of the other symptoms of the typical "copper diseases" (like Wilson's)... so that was why they kept sending me on to the next guy.

Anyway, jump ahead to April 2001-- FINALLY they found something other than a 50lb weight gain and a lot of copper....

A tumor was sitting on my thyroid and it was the size of a walnut.
Within a few weeks, it had the size of a hamburger, but there was so much adrenaline pumping through me connected to the tumor that if they removed it at that point, they said I would have a stroke on the table...
so I took some pills to slow down its growth until it was safe to operate.

June 18, 2001- They took the big hamburger-sized glob (which was benign!) out of my neck along with my thyroid. So now I have this really cool scar across my neck....

Fast forward to today:
The physical therapist thinks that all these issues from the last few months are connected to my surgery...something is not where it's supposed to be or is blocking something else. Who knows?! But that is what led him to demand the new scan.
So now we wait and see.

Hopefully no more of that kind of hamburgers are involved with whatever they find.......


Annemette Kuhlmann said...

I'm so sorry, Kelli! That you have to go through all this.....and for all that you've been through.
I'm happy to hear you're hanging in there!
I hope they can figure out what the problem is, soon!
Lot's of thoughts from here, Kelli.

Gutsy Living said...

Kelli, that sounds scary to me but you are taking this very well. I am sure you're in good hands with the various Doctors. Do you like your Danish doctors? Please take care of yourself. You're off teaching? I hope so. I'm flying to Paris and Copenhagen next Saturday to see my best friend Lilian, who lives in Bagsvaerd. She's also a teacher and broke her ankle on New Year's Eve. What bad luck for her. They were on their way to a party and she wore leather soled boots.

Anonymous said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you Friday...a few prayers too!:) What your experience shows is that you have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health - no matter what country you are living in! In the interim...if you need anything...chicken noodle soup...tlc...please don't hesitate to mail! xoxox Monica

nell said...

Hope you feel better soon. You still are a ray of sunshine!

Archaeogoddess said...

Ugh, how nasty!

Fingers crossed that the MRI turns something up - something that can be fixed. Quickly, with little fuss.

Okay, I'm running out of fingers to cross and it's getting hard to type!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for you. Hamburgers not welcome.


Nina Ø said...

Thank you so much for the info and the update. I was getting concerned about you, Well, I still am now with your post.

I went thru a year with my daughter having multi problems, including seizures, half a continent away in 2010. Today she is only taking one med (down from 6) and she is doing something called Reliv. She says it supplies our bodies with all the vitamins and mineral and trace minerals that we need for optimum health. I cannot recommend it because I am about to order it for the first time myself this week. My daughter's problem was Meningitis at 17 which came back to haunt her in her 40's. Hopefully you do not have anything like that in your history. "M" does't go away. It continues to deplete reserves throught your life and cause problems. She swears by this supplement and I only say this to offer hope that there are MANY things out there which are being developed that are not widely known to address many issues. Research things. What did we do before GOOGLE?

If you want me to send JIF in bulk, just let me know. It is yours.

PiNG aka Patti said...

I really hope that someone finds something - I hate that you're going through this. And yes, when my internet has less Kelli, you are definitely missed!

nettielouise said...

Wow...I never knew all that! I sure hope they figure out what's been causing all of this for your sake. So sorry ;(

Nina Ø said...

We really need to be pro-active today in our medical care. Sounds to me you are on top of it even though it is stressful. There are many of us who feel a connection to you through your blog that we really want you to keep us informed. Thanks for doing so.

Skogkjerring said...

Hey you, sounds rough what you're going through, wish we were closer so I could be of some help. Hope the Danish health care system is as helpful to you as the Norwegian one..the one here really allows you to take the time you need to get better so you don't have to worry about your work.
Completely understand that you can't be on the computer all the time. Sure going to miss your posts though...write when you can my friend, we'll be here when you're ready and able!! (and we'll talk privately of course...)
Big hugs from the gang here in Norway <3

Unknown said...

Hang in there honey... I know you have to be tired of all of this..
God bedring.. :-)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, Kelli!
Please be well and kind to yourself while you're on the road to what is hopefully successful pain management and healing.
You're in our prayers up here in Vestlandet!
<3 Kirstin

Caution/Lisa said...

Just this morning I was wondering how you were feeling! Hope they find something quickly and that it's easily fixable. You're in my prayers, Kelli.