Sunday, January 16, 2011


First of all I am MUCHO thankful that I do not live in a country that dubs its tv shows because seeing Richard Gere's mouth move with GERMAN words coming out of it is just not cool.

Second of all, living in a country that translates all of the English-speaking (mostly American) tv shows into Danish text for folks to read as they watch provides me with:
1) Continued learning opportunities as I increase my Danish vocabulary each time I watch TV;
and 2) LOTS of entertainment to see how those non-native speakers translate some of the things that are said. Sit coms are the best.

This week's #1 entertainment snippet:

Law & Order SVU: A former military officer asks a woman at the police station: "Where's the head?"

Danish translation: "Hvor er chefen?" which means "Where is the boss/head of the company?"



PiNG aka Patti said...

LOL - oops!

Tina M Cella said...

I often get really annoyed when I see some of the translations- they screw up the most important things. I watch a movie once where they translated homicide into "selvmord" (suicide). Kind of ruined the entire plot....

Skogkjerring said...

Oh that cracks me up too, now that I have a good grasp on the language I'm rolling when I read the translations, it's like, what the heck were they thinking when they translated this stuff?? funny!

Gutsy Living said...

I'm in Copenhagen right now and watched a little TV last night. So true. Also I'm shocked to see Turkish people speak Danish as well as other foreigners. It's a difficult language. How come they can learn Danish, but many Mexicans in California can't seem to speak English?

Annarella said...

Ja det smutter nogen gange for oversætterne, og da de ikke tjener alverden, går det somme tider lidt for stærkt, så de laver nogle underlige og morsomme undersættelser.

Se en masse af dem på Bøfsiden:

Anonymous said...

Love it! Swedish sub-titling entertains me in a similar way too.