Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Going home to mom's

Conversation between me, my sister and our mom, shortly after our arrival to Texas on Saturday:

Mom: Girls, I am making a grocery list so I can go get some things to have on hand while you are here this week. Do you have any special requests?

Me & my sister: Nah, not really... we are ok with whatever.

Mom: Are you sure? No special requests that you can't get at home? (grinning) Since you 2 live in those places where you can't get all the good stuff? 

(NOTE: My sister lives in Crested Butte, a ski village in the Rocky Mountains and she has to drive 2 hours to get to do REAL shopping! So we both live in places where we cannot get the kind of groceries we love and are used to!)

I can see my sister thinking about all the things she loves and cannot get in CB--things like fresh crawfish. So I am sure my mom is expecting us to request something semi-"exotic"... but nope. I am thinking of something much simpler.

Me: I have only one request. EGGOs!!!

Mom: Are you kidding me? You want a box of frozen waffles? 

Me (with my eyes twinkling): OMG, YES!!!!!!!! I want Eggos for breakfast so I can put peanut butter and syrup on them like I used to....

Guess what I ate this morning?! Yep, I am easy to please! My heart's desire only costs $2.19! But in my opinion, that's that best two dollars my mom has spent all week! 

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PiNG aka Patti said...

Great. Now I'm craving Eggo's!