Thursday, February 3, 2011

How BIG is football in Texas?

I know you know that EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas, but in case you were in doubt, FOOTBALL (the American kind) is a great measuring stick to show just HOW BIG things really are.

Fact 1: The Superbowl is in Dallas, Texas this Sunday (Pittsburgh v. Green Bay) in the new Dallas Cowboys' football stadium that holds OVER 100,000 people!

Fact 2: The Superbowl is sold out so they created a "Parking Lot Stadium" with a huge tent that will hold hundreds more where you can watch the Superbowl on a BIG SCREEN... Tickets to do that (yes, in the PARKING LOT of the stadium) are TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Fact 3: The 2 teams arrived in Dallas on Monday, the day before the ice storm hit, but then were not able to practice outdoors because of the extreme temps and the falling ice and sleet. Solution: Send them to 2 of the SEVERAL INDOOR practice football arenas.... at the local universities, right? NOPE! At the local HIGH SCHOOLS! :-) Take your pick! Even the coach for the Steelers, when asked how he felt about using a "high school's indoor practice field" replied, "You gotta remember...high school football in Texas is not like high school football in other places. We are quite happy with our accommodations!" 

Fact 4: Yesterday, all over North Texas, the electric companies were conducting rolling blackouts where difference neighborhoods were without electricity for 20-30 minutes at a time. This was in an effort to prevent a major blackout due to the extreme icy conditions all over the area. Guess what areas were EXEMPT from the rolling blackouts? Hospitals? NOPE. Prisons? NOPE. Superbowl Party Venues? YEP! You guessed it! 

In case you were in doubt, I think this is proof of just how serious football is in Texas.
Not that I am proud of that fact.
Just statin' the obvious.


Anonymous said...

Things are bigger in Texas! Had to laugh about the electricity always staying on!

Sherri Williams said...

FACT #4 really kind of made me angry yesterday when my mom told me. I thought it was crazy that hospitals had to have the outage but not the NFL. I'll spare you anymore of my thoughts on this. :o)