Friday, February 25, 2011

Surprises and Discoveries in Spain

Since this was my first time to visit Spain, I discovered SO much! Some things that surprised me, some that WOWed me, some that embarrassed me (I am sure you can guess that one as you read...) and some that just validated how much Mads and I love to get out and explore this incredible world of ours!

1. This Texas girl assumed that you can get a Corona or Dos XX in know, all Hispanic countries drink the same beer, right? DUH! What a dork I was.... but I have to admit that Spain's San Miguel ROCKS! Who needs Mexico's Corona when you can have this brought to your table that is about 40 feet from the Mediterranean Sea?! 
2. This may be Mads' favorite of all my discoveries! Every time we drive around in Europe, I notice license plates! In fact one trip to Luxembourg, I actually kept a running count of how many different countries I found on the plates! The number was 19 ! 
 (As you read this next part, please remember, I am NOT from the EU). 
We had just pulled out of the airport, headed to our apartment, and I immediately began to notice the license plates we were passing. And I said to Mads, "Ok, now THAT is a long way to come for vacation!"  His reply, "HUH?!" And my response, "Seriously, how long does it take you to get to Spain from ESTONIA?!" And I was not kidding.... yeah, did you know that the EU plates with an "E" are not from Estonia... they are from Espana!  Guess we are never too old to learn....

 3. No matter the language or location, a grande skinny vanilla latte is always guaranteed to brighten my day!  

4. However the language DOES matter when you order a TORTILLA in Spain, only to discover that is a POTATO OMELETTE, not something you wrap a fajita in! However, they were quite yummy! 

5. There is NO SUCH THING as too many sunsets or too many sunrises... you NEVER NEVER NEVER get tired of seeing them or taking pictures of them! 
6. Don't think that things as YOU KNOW THEM are always better. We got a little frustrated when we drove through a McD's, thinking we could pick up an egg-McMuffin to go..... however there were only 3 things on their breakfast menu and I could not figure out what any of them were! So we trusted the McD's employee and bought what she gave us...  OMG! Who needs an egg-McMuffin when you can have pancakes smothered in MELTED NUTELLA!!! Talk about DIVINE! I will never judge a menu by its scarce offerings again! These things were HEAVENLY! 

7. Don't assume that just because they are serving you what we Americans call "FINGER FOODS" as your meal that you will leave hungry! It IS possible to get FULL from eating TAPAS! 

8. And finally, because this trip allowed us to ESCAPE THE AWFUL DANISH WINTER, we WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree that a RAINY day on vacation in Spain in February BEATS a normal winter day in Denmark ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! 
This may have been my first trip to Spain, but I guarantee 
you that it will NOT be my last! 


Anonymous said...

Oh, now I'm longing to brush up on my Spanish while eating tapas! The snow and cold is even getting me down... Love that rainbow pic!

Jon said...

Now I understand better why my Norwegian cousins keep going to Spain. Maybe I will be able to go someday.