Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ABCs of Me

I stole this from Kristin, my blogger friend who is another American married to a Scandinavian Viking!  I thought it would be a fun change from all that political yuckiness that has seeped into our world lately...
The ABC's of Me!

Age: 41 (made me sad that I had to erase Kristin's 25 to type my 41!!)

Bed size: 180 x 200... seriously, that is what it is called in Denmark! 

Chore you dislike: Taking out the trash. Sounds silly, but it really grosses me out.... I think of it as a "man chore"! 

Dogs:  Every household needs one! Ours is Albert. 
The most perfect companion a person could ever 
want, and he loves DK just as much as I do. 

Essential start to your day: ONE POT of French Vanilla Coffee (preferably Dunkin Donuts brand)... and yes, I typed POT, not CUP.

Favorite color: Black. Just check out my toenails if you don't believe me. 

Gold or silver: Silver! (or white gold, platinum or titanium) Do not own gold and never intend to.

Height: 5'8... or 170something centimeters in Danish terms...

Instruments you play(ed): the radio... and more recently, my iPhone.

Job title: Lifelong educator.

Kids: JESS. An independent, college sophomore....who every now and then still needs her momma.

Live:Herning, Denmark

Mum’s name: Dee. Well, that is the only name of hers that I am allowed to share in public! 

Nicknames: Kel. All my family calls me that and in fact, it was really cute the first time I ever heard Mads say it!

Overnight hospital stays: 1991..Childbirth;  2001...thyroidectomy. 

Pet peeves: Tardiness. Lying. Not following through.

Quote from a movie: In a good shoe I wear 
a size 6, but a 7 feels so good, I buy a size 8.

Righty or lefty: Righty, but I think being ambidextrous would be totally cool. Not really to be able to use both hands, but just to be able to say, "I AM AMBIDEXTROUS!"

Siblings: Two sisters-- Jennifer in Colorado whom I tortured as a child, but now who is one of my best friends;  Allison in Texas whom I have only known for about 8 years, but who is already a wonderful friend. 

Time you wake up: 6ish. The "ish" is very important!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to snooze... The 9 minutes on my alarm are some of the best minutes of sleep I get! 

Underwear: If the question is: Do you wear it, the answer is YES. If the question is: What kind, the answer is the kind that covers the most surface area possible. (refer to my AGE if you are wondering why!)

Vegetables you don't like: cooked Broccoli. When the school cafeteria cooked it, you would swear the entire building smelled like a big fart. Just cannot imagine putting that into my mouth.

What makes you run late: My lovely husband who is not as anal about promptness as I am. But we do balance each other out a bit! 

X-rays you’ve had: LOTS... but the most were during the 6 months prior to their figuring out that there was a big giant tumor on my thyroid. 

Yummy food you make: Everything! Seriously. I LOVE TO COOK. And I love to watch people enjoying what I have made. My specialty is anything Cajun!

Zoo animal favorites: Giraffes. These guys are truly incredible creatures.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I love learning more about you... It's amazing to think you have a sister you haven't known all your life, but how great to get connected.

As for farts and broccoli - I had to laugh!

Kelly said...

Hello Kelli, Kelly here: Where do you find French Vanilla coffee? I always look for Hazelnut coffee over here but I can't find any...I usually bring some back with me from trips to the USA but there's never enough! :-)

MoMo 2.0 said...

Kelly, sorry to disappoint you, but 100% of our coffee comes from the US. We buy Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla in these giant packages and bring them back each time (or my daughter brings them when she comes). I have looked in the German stores for it as well, but have not found it ANYwhere around here!