Sunday, March 20, 2011

For your Monday morning

Mondays are hard.
Really hard.
So I thought that this video, sent to me by my friend Rene, would be a perfect way to KICK-START your week!

I wish I could say that everything in this video is FICTION, but sadly, I recognize about 90% of these types of things..... yep, as you can see, we do things a little bit differently in the South.

And if this does make you GRIN, then LAUGH OUT LOUD and then start searching for a plane ticket to Texas just to experience OUR culture, you should check your pulse! 


May said...

Of course now I am curious about WHAT 90% you recognize. ;)

dee_rogers said...

Not sure where you've been, but I've never seen the likes of these in Texas. I'm sure this is Arkansas or Tennessee. Have a happy Monday!

Gutsy Living said...

What is it with diving into shallow mud? Too funny.