Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recipe for a Saturday night

I have a new recipe for you to try if you are looking for some fun on a Saturday night:

Ingredients:  (Note-- you can choose whatever nationalities you have on hand!)
1 American
1 Dane
2 Venezuelans
4 Portuguese 
1 Brazilian  
1 Daschund (or whatever kind of 4 legged family member you have!)

Plus: 1 pound of raw tuna, 1 pound of raw salmon, a big pot of sticky rice, wasabi, soy sauce, some seaweed, a good sampling of raw veggies, a mango, and a little caviar.

Make sure that at least 1 person in your group KNOWS HOW to make homemade sushi! We had TWO-- Monica and Roman! 

Boil the sticky rice, lay out the seaweed, and make sure everyone washes his hands! Then let the fun begin!! 

I recommend that you have some good music playing in the background to make things even more fun and relaxed! 

And make sure everyone knows that there is not a WRONG way to make the sushi...well, that is until it comes time to roll it! That is when you MUST listen to your teacher! 



It is also important to remember that your four-legged friend gets to participate in the fun! 

Olivia made sure that she was not forgotten! 

You know you can learn just about anything you want from watching a Youtube video, so of course this recipe comes with its own Youtube instruction videos! 

And then comes the best part... the fruits of your labor! And I think you will agree with us... homemade sushi is like BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK! 


Skogkjerring said...

Looks like a great evening with good friends but I'm not so sure about the sushi part...ugh...haven't tried sushi yet and not sure I'm there- in life- yet.....but yes, it looks pretty....
Love Olivia!!! :-)
Have a great day my friend :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to spend the evening!

Unknown said...

My Monica you llok like a lovley teacher, it looks great and so much fun!!!! Love you

Augusto said...

Good! I'd like to taste it.