Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gift with Purchase

In the US we are known for giving away goodies when you buy something... a lovely little concept we like to call GIFT WITH PURCHASE!

Sometimes you get a free frying pan when you buy a set of cookware;
a free wallet when you buy a purse;
or even a gift card for $10 that you can come back and use next time you shop.

And the interesting thing is that I have NEVER read about those lovely gifts in the DANISH NEWSPAPER! However...... as soon as Montana gets a little, ummmm, creative?? with its "Gift With Purchase" idea, it instantly makes the Danish (and I am sure the world) news circuit.

A local cable network in Montana has just announced:
"Subscribe with us!! If you sign a contract, making us your cable provider, you get a NEW GUN! And if by chance you don't need/want a new gun, you can have a gift certificate for $50 worth of pizza at the local pizza joint!"

I only have one thing to say about this....
Thank God it was not in Texas...THIS time! 


Nina Ø said...

i just read in a mystery story this week where a PI was trying to buy a gun in Scotland. There was a line that said somthing like "this isn't American whre they come in cereal boxes" I laughed. I am no longer laughing. We now have 932 documented white supremist hate groups in the US.

nell said...

In Michigan, we had some banks offer a free rifle with an opening of a savings account. Imagine if Mads were doing that!!

Corinne said...

Uh, is the gun equal retail value as the $50 gift certificate? Because if I have choose between a really crappy shotgun and a pizza, I'd totally take the pizza.

Jon said...

Yup, Texas lucked out! With 10,000 gun deaths per year in the U.S. it must be considered a type of population control.