Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good ole Southern Cooking

What do you get when you take THIS RESTAURANT:

and add in THIS FAMILY:

along with several plates of THESE "HOE CAKES"?
(AKA pan-fried cornbread pancakes, for all you non Southern folk)

A night of GOOD OLE FAMILY FUN, of course!

I was worried that all of our"GOOD" southern food this week might have ruined Rebecca a bit, but last night I saw first-hand that she still has some of those good 
healthy Danish habits in tact.... 

As we were served our DELICIOUS Paula Deen Hoe-cakes and cheese biscuits, 
she set one on her paper placemat while she ate the other.... Then when she picked up the other to eat it, she saw the VERY LARGE, VERY WET butter ring that the biscuit had created on the placemat. When I told her what it was that had created the 
ring, she promptly set it down and did not eat another bite.
Of course the butter ring didn't bother the rest of us.... 
we told the waitress to just keep 'em coming! 


Anonymous said...

Are they fried in butter then? Looks too rich for my poor tum.. but a great night out!

Skogkjerring said...

It isn´t a surprise she is overwhelmed by the food over there, my kids were totally overwhelmed and even I was overwhelmed, it was so good to get back to Norway and have a roll and cheese again!!! But enjoy it while it lasts I am sure it was wonderful!! Loved your apron also!!!!