Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lying in Denmark

Once upon a time there was a very powerful man in a very powerful country. His name was Vladimir and he did lots of things in his life...including creating this thing called the Soviet Communist Party, leading some revolution in the autumn of 1917, and giving a new name to his country... I think it was something like U.S.S.R.??

Anyway, he was indeed powerful.
And when he was alive and in power, they erected a very fine statue in his honor...
However, when that iron curtain that he helped to create was torn down, so was his statue.

And guess where that statue was laid to rest?
In the USSR? Nope!
In a tiny country village in the middle of Jutland called "Lund". We were driving to a friend's house the other night when we turned a corner and there he was... Vladimir Lenin in all his glory. I made Mads turn around so I could take his picture!

This huge statue of Lenin was auctioned off right after the Berlin Wall came down and was bought by a Dane named Mads Eg Damgaard. I thought the fact that the statue is displayed lying down was a great reminder of what our world went through in the 20th century...... 


Diego said...

I had exactly the same reaction: "Why is there a Lenin statue here in Herning?" My colleagues told me that Mads Damgaard has supported a lot of local artists trought the years and this statue is actually one of their works.

I have no memories of the Cold War, I haven't lived it on my own skin and I do not realize completely how it could had been, so The Cold War is only something I learned on the books.
I only remember when my parents made me watch on TV when the Berlin Wall came down "Beacuse this is history, and you have to watch it" - they said- but I find this statue very very fascinating!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL - the guy who bought it has a wonderful sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

Vi har også en Leninstatue i Seattle: :-)