Monday, April 18, 2011

Making memories

Sometimes I am sure that I drive my family crazy with all the pictures that I take! 
However, about 99% of the time they do end up cooperating and doing what I ask them to do! 
Even if that means we pull off on the highway (in a place where I am sure it was not totally legal to pull off and park) and pose in front of a sign like this one!

They used to tease me and say it was "all about the blog" and in a way, it kind of is, but not really. It is actually all about CAPTURING every single minute that I possibly can of our adventures together so that I can record them here, on Facebook, and in our Picasa albums so that our memories are preserved forever.

I love looking back through old electronic photo albums and old blog posts of our travels in the same way that I used to love sitting on the floor in MoMo Fontenot's living room looking at all the old photo albums that she had accumulated over the years.

So I hope that your family is cooperative when you ask them to pull over on whatever sides of the road that you find so that you, too, can save those memories. It's not about the PLACES you visit, but more about the PEOPLE with whom you visit them..... 


PiNG aka Patti said...

Quite the photogenic family as well! :)

ViViYaYa said...

Good for you! Hope ya have a great time. I think it's very thoughtful and caring to bring your niece on this trip. And especially enjoy this time with your father.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful shots! I agree - my family is used to me taking pics ALL the time!