Thursday, May 12, 2011

Joy of teaching....

How does a teacher really know if she is making an impact on her students' lives? If the lessons she teaches have really connected to them as people.....
Will they recall anything that we have told them? Any great classical works that we have shared with them? They leave us and we really never know..... Or do we?!

Here are a few pieces of proof that I have received from students recently... proof that they have learned something and that some of those "somethings" have STUCK with them! "Thanks to you I know what they mean in Gilmore Girls when 

they call their town loners Boo Radley. That is so cool :D."

"Hey, there was a quote on "Friends" tonight in which one of 

them said he was "going to go all Lennie on you"... and I knew 

what they meant because we read Of Mice and Men!"

"Even though we only read an excerpt from Pride and

 Prejudice, do you know how I knew Mrs. Bennett was

 slightly nuts? She was referenced in one of Jasper

 Fforde's novels I was reading"!

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Anonymous said...

How rewarding - for you and them! I do miss my teaching days...