Friday, May 20, 2011

St. Bededag

Today is St. Bededag in Denmark.
And St. does not stand for "Saint" as it does in the US.. it stands for "STORE" which means BIG på dansk. So today is technically BIG PRAYER DAY and it occurs the 4th Friday after Easter. 

This is one of several spring holidays we have that are associated with Easter, so let me tell you, everyone living in Denmark LOVES Springtime for reasons beyond the fact that the weather is so lovely!

Mads and Albert are walking to the bakery as I write this for 2 reasons:
2) He has gone to get us some BEDEDAG buns...  You know most holidays in Denmark have some new flavor of BEER associated with them, but not, it's all about the BREAD! And it is a wonderful bun that you can only get during the weekend of Bededag. 

You gotta love Denmark's way of celebrating all of these holidays---- 
1. we are ALWAYS off work, 
2. all the shops are closed so folks are forced to find something relaxing and wonderful to do with their families (instead of going to the malls to spend money like we do in the US), and 
3. there is always something connected to Gastronomy!! 

We are headed to the sea today... to walk along the beach and just enjoy the day and celebrating the fact that my dad came home from the hospital yesterday!!

Hope your Store Bededag is wonderful! 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for wonderful explanation of Store Bededag. I googled it today and it took me to your page. Have a nice day. Jasmin. Croatia

Anonymous said...

Ah, sounds like a wonderful holiday! I do love summer with all the days off we have... Enjoy your day.

Karoline said...

From the sound of it Denmark is much better tan the USA.And I agree!!!!

Caution/Lisa said...

You do have a lot to celebrate. Yay for your dad!!!

I'm going to have to read more about your holiday. Store?