Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Work Environment

I am frequently at the Herning / Ikast-Brande Erhvervsrådet (Chamber of Commerce)--- as the Erhvervsrådet is the sponsor of International Society.

But this location is more than just a place where the kommune houses its "chamber of commerce folk". This is a beautiful building that has MANY offices in it, but not just Erhvervsrådet employees. You see one of the things that our area encourages is entrepreneurship. Innovative people with a vision for commerce and business in our area are ENCOURAGED to take that leap of faith and try to make their ideas reality. But the Erhvervsrådet takes it one step beyond just encouragement because as a new business, just starting out, you have 2 options--- run that business from your basement or rent a location that will saddle you with a debt before you even begin to make any profits.  But small business developers in our area have the chance to HOUSE their "one-man gig" the Herning Ehvervrsådet...  How amazing is that?? If you look at the many levels of the building as you walk in, you cannot even imagine what kinds of businesses are operating within. It is a truly creative and energetic atmosphere.... It is a place where I really enjoy being!

The other day as I walked upstairs for a meeting, I stopped, grabbed my iPhone and snapped a picture of something that I see EVERY time I enter the building....something that always catches my attention and brings a grin to my face.... So on this day I decided it was something worth sharing.

These are the stairs you climb to get to the other levels in the Ehvervsrådet.... and on each step, there is a message to you as an employee, as a business owner, and pretty much, as a HUMAN BEING... and I love it.

And the fact that it is in English is, in my opinion, incredibly cool.....  How could you help but be inspired if you had to climb THESE stairs every day?!


PiNG aka Patti said...

I am not sure that I even noticed that! I will have to pay more attention next time.

Unknown said...

I love these stairs of positivity!

Garkbit said...

I have to say it brings out the cynical side of me - the side that wants to print out some interesting alternative messages to tape over the originals:
"I am looking at my feet"
"I am about to walk straight into someone"
"I am a prisoner in a stair factory"

... that sort of thing.

Unknown said...

Those stairs are so great!