Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#15.. DK has changed me...

June 16, 2011


I like how Denmark has changed my attitude about things that really are not that important. I live in a country that is not really known for its GREAT WEATHER... So I have learned in these 3 years that FUNCTION is more important than FASHION. Yes, of course we can dress cute and look cute in Denmark, but when you look out the window and see a very TYPICAL Danish Day, you prepare yourself to be kept DRY, WARM and PROTECTED. And those things have nothing to do with looking cute! So thank you, Denmark, for mellowing me out! 

I dislike Danish weather. Pure and Simple. Even though it has MELLOWED me, it is the one thing that I truly do not like about where I live. I LOVE that we do not have summer days at 110F and I LOVE that we truly have FOUR seasons, but overall, Danish weather is not good. So when folks accuse me of being a bit too "rose colored glasses" in my view of Denmark, I can answer that with the simple fact that when you live in a place where the weather sucks more days than not, you MUST FIND THE GOOD! Because too often, the sky will let you down. So don't look UP for the good... Look AROUND! 
(Although I don't need anymore crappy weather to teach me that lesson; I definitely have it now, so you are welcomed to send us lots of GREAT weather days!)


Anonymous said...

Definitely function and warmth above all else - especially when it's minus 20 C!

You look cute in this photo!

Anonymous said...

weather is definitely my biggest reservation about moving to bergen! i have a tendancy to let weather predict my mood...and i hate rain! im hoping i adapt well and find enough to keep me occupied that i wont even think of the clouds and rain!

Anonymous said...

DK changed me in that way too. I have learned I can do many things in rain and cold. When we moved back to the states we were playing, walking, and biking in the cold weather and everyone else looked at us crazy. Ive learned also how to be fashionable in all weather types too! Still I love hot weather and summer more. The less clothes the better I say! Even if it was 120 I would still take that over Danish weather.


Anonymous said...

Calm down, calm down! No body is accusing you of having rose colored glasses. They might accuse you of protesting too much and it all not ringing quite true, and perhaps go on to accuse you of being out of touch with reality in Denmark, but just ignore them. You know in yourself what is true and not true and to hell with any body else.

Nuno said...

The weather is okay, it's the length of the winter that gets to me. If you could just add an extra few weeks to autumn and if spring just started a few weeks earlier than it would be fine. But winter starting in October and ending in mid-April is too much!

I'm not even sure that we do get 4-seasons. It seems more like winter, winter, winter and summer to me!!