Tuesday, June 14, 2011

16..all about trust

June 15, 2011

I actually LOVE this thing I am posting today. I know there is crime in Denmark. And I know there are thieves in Denmark. But there is something BIGGER than the crime stats and that is the ATTITUDE OF TRUST that we still have around here...especially in Jutland. I see it EVERYWHERE and I am 100% sure it is not an attitude of naivety... it IS an attitude of trust. I see it each time I pass a fruit/veggie stand with the money box for you to drop in your payment.  I see it every time I pass by the racks in the student center at school where the students leave their jackets and sports bags. I see it every time I pass a cute dog left outside the grocery store, waiting for his owner to come back. 

I dislike that I KNOW that people who read what I have posted today will think of some excuse/justification/rationalization for WHY we have these examples of "trust" in Danish society. I believe that it is 100% due to the welfare state where people do not feel a desperation to take what is not theirs.....they do not feel like they are part of the "have nots" of society... and that is because they have an assurance that if life hands them something catastrophic, their economic situation will not be destroyed because the system is set up to take care of them.    So my dislike today is not connected to something "in/of Denmark" but rather cynical attitudes that do not believe that real trust of other people can still really exist in 2011. IT DOES EXIST. I SEE IT EVERY DAY. 


Aubrey said...

It does exist. I see it everyday here too. I love my little town! Outside of big cities it is alive and kickin.
However in any welfare system a lot of people are essentially taking something that is not theirs IF you live on it ALL your life. Everyone else is earning it for you. At some point you have to participate in life and at least try.

Skogkjerring said...

I see those kinds of stands around here too, strawberries or other fruits left on the side of the road with money boxes...it amazes me and makes me smile that I live in a place which can still have such things...I think the day I don´t see them anymore will be sad and that day will come unfortunately...

Nuno said...

Kelli: There is that "trust" with small, insignificant things such as leaving bags of soil outside of supermarkets when they are closed, or those little roadside stalls that have potatoes or strawberries in them, where you are expected to leave your money.

But WOW, there is a lack of trust in every other walk of life. From the government micro-managing and institutionalising its citizens from birth, to the new plans to break Schengen, to the frankly disgraceful and disreputable opinion Danes have on the motives of non-white foreigners, to the inability of Danes to even smile at a passer by for fear of I don't know what.

I would say this is one of the most cynical world-weary societies in Europe.

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting to know ...i think it is wonderful that places like this still exist!!! :-)

WTVR said...

I liked your like too, but your dislike is another of those pointed nasty jibes at imaginary people who don't actually exist. Why do you have to be so hostile?????

And by the way, you obviously haven't met the 'have nots' of Danish society. It's written all over your blog.

This blog is way too negative for my tastes, which is why I won't bookmark it.

Anonymous said...

'racks in the student center at school where the students leave their jackets and sports bags. I see it every time I pass a cute dog left outside the grocery...'you forgot babies in prams,...that sometimes disappear...

Anonymous said...

"'you forgot babies in prams,...that sometimes disappear...

I dont think that statement is correct, care to back it up with a link?
Lets say the last 3 times it happend?


MoMo 2.0 said...

Tak, Anker.
Glad someone else OTHER THAN ME called anon out on the comment. :-)

another anonymous said...

Anonymous said that "sometimes" they go missing and Anonymous is right. The last three times were
8. & 13. February 2011 (the same kidnapper)
8. March 2010

It rarely happens but that is very different from never.

Out of interest, Anker when were the last three times that a child went missing after being left outside unattended in a pram in any country where this is seen as neglect?