Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Days, 30 Observations

Today is June 1, 2011, and as you know, June is one of those months with only 30 days.

Since June is the month when I moved to Denmark, I have decided that I will dedicate this month to "30 Things I Like and Dislike About Denmark". I am always whining about the lack of Starbucks on the corners of Herning, and the lack of JIF on the shelves of Føtex, and even the lack of jeans made to fit a non-Scandinavian-sized bottom. But for this month, I will not whine (at least not here, where it is documented for all to see!), but instead I will point out the things that I really am happy about as well as the things that drive me nuts, but that I am learning to live with. 

As I blog the THIRTY THINGS I LIKE & DISLIKE about this place I call home, I am sure there will be other things that I have this yearning to blog about, so some days I might have to LIKE/DISLIKE MORE THAN ONE THING! But I think I can handle it! 

So get ready to find out what I think is so great about this tiny land of Vikings... (Other than, of course, MY VIKING! That's just a given!) and what things drive me nuts! And maybe if you are living the expat life right now, you could try something like this in your own place.... I think we might be shocked at how easy it is to find the good and also at how those things that used to really drive us crazy are really not that bad anymore.....or they are things that we have realized just don't matter all that much.

So here goes.

June 1, 2011
LIKE:  What I like about Denmark is that I can walk Albert after dark and not worry about my safety. I don't feel like I have to constantly look over my shoulder, worried that someone is coming up behind me. I don't feel nervous when a stranger (especially a man) is walking toward me. Of course there is crime, but above any beyond that, there is truly a feeling of safety and security.

DISLIKE(D): When I walk Albert at night, I cannot stop by the grocery store to pick up a few things for the next few days because of course they are all closed. This used to DRIVE ME NUTS for about the first year that I was here because I moved from the 24hour Wal-mart world. But now, honestly, it forces me to be organized in my menu planning and shopping and truthfully, when I am back in the US for a visit, I find the 24-hour world a bit overwhelming. I used to see families with small kiddoes out shopping (at Wal-mart, of course) at midnight and would wonder what on earth they were thinking to have kids up and out that late. So yeah, I used to think 24hour access was a MUST HAVE in life, but I have to admit, I've changed my mind. 


Garkbit said...

Actually it's better than it used to be. When I first came here in 1994 I found that by the time I dragged my ass out of bed on a Saturday the shops were all already closed until Monday morning. At least now you can shop 8-10/7 if not 24/7.

Unknown said...

I am about to go shopping for some new jeans, and now I am worried about finding a pair to fit my generous Canadian bottom...haha (jk). I also feel very safe in Denmark, but I am Canadian, and have never once in my life felt unsafe where I have lived. Glad to hear you know the feeling too :) I have also been adjusting to the earlier store hours here, but like you said, I find it helps me plan better, and spend less money. We can never complain about that!

May said...

You know about my epic search for non-skinny jeans last year, so even as a Dane I agree completely with the clothes-bottom issue. ;)

Skogkjerring said...

I can totally relate to both your like and dislikes...but as someone mentioned already in the comments, things have definitely changed in Scandinavia, they closed a lot earlier when I first got here. So it is almost luxurious when the Kiwi stores here are open from 7-11! They also have Sunday open! That really bothered me when everything closed on Sunday!!! ARGH! But you do learn to plan better and I don´t see it as a problem now...it is almost a relief to not feel the NEED to go to the store because you can´t..it´s closed!
Can´t wait to hear your second like and dislike...curious how many of these we will have in common... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I´m a dane with a big anglophile heart, and with enough trips to the states and UK under my belt, to develop a craving for those special overseas products you can´t find on danish shopshelves.

But the internet really saves your bacon so to speak, ha ha


And they have JIF! ;-)