Monday, June 13, 2011

Albert makes Observation 17

June 14, 2011

Denmark (and actually most of Europe) is SO dog-friendly. There are hooks for your dog's leash while you run into places like the bakery or the post office, so you are actually encouraged to get out and walk with your dog. Plus there are even some shops that let you come in and browse WITH your four-legged friend. (I am sure that breaks all kinds of U.S. health codes! LOL) But the GREATEST THING that Denmark has done for dogs is the creation of the "Hundeskov" (AKA dog forest). And they really are just that... FORESTS. Acres and acres of fenced-in forest area where the dogs can wander and play without their leashes. Some have hills, some have ponds and some have interesting trails through the foliage. Each one is unique. But the best part is that they are EVERYWHERE! 

Click on this LINK and you can see how many hundeskov we have just in our region of Midtjylland!

Albert actually suggested that we use that map to plan our our summer road trips in Denmark so that we can try out some different places with him! 

Honestly there is nothing about this concept that I DISLIKE... because honestly, I would say that for as many times as we have been to one (on average 3x a week since I moved here), we have only had 4 or 5 NEGATIVE experiences (with dogs who had owners who had no control over them), so really I cannot complain. Plus that is not a hundeskov complaint....more of a people complaint. But even though I am not a mathematician, I think we are somewhere in the UPPER 90% range of great Hundeskov experiences, so in my book, that is pretty great! 

If you have a 4-legged family member, I encourage you to use the map I gave you to find places to go throughout DK with your dog. They really are awesome! 


Annarella said...

There are plenty of dog parks just like that in the Seattle area. Maybe Washington is more dog friendly than Texas?

My family doctor here even has a big poodle in his practice! Most of the time the dog stays in his office, but people ask for it all the time. My doctor says it helps people dealing with the discomfort and stress they might experience when they are diagnosed with something bad, or just a little scared of being vaccinated. And if someone doesn't like the idea, they can just choose a different physician. :-)

If you think it's weird or interesting, read this:

PiNG aka Patti said...

Or, as my friend Ruth refers to them... Hund Disco!


Skogkjerring said...

Wish we had something like that in Norway, there are no enclosed areas for dogs to run free and all summer there is a leash law where we must keep them on their leashes..ugh...they communicate so much better with other dogs when they are off leash..and yes problems can arise with a bunch of loose dogs together, not every dog likes another same as people...but generally it is much better when they are loose...their body language is more natural! You and Albert are lucky with your dog forests!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!!!

I have been trying to research something similar to this in Bergen (my dog is making the move with me) and NOTHING (that I am seeing as of now). I don't even see a dog park within two hours. I really hope I am just missing something :-) I would absolutely LOVE to have something like the Hundeskov up there for my dog. He would be in HEAVEN!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea... there are a few over here, but I just walk on the hiking trails or riding trails in the woods with Oscar off the leash.