Saturday, June 18, 2011

My momma said... should always eat your veggies.

However my momma never imagined I would be living in a country
that makes her words a bit difficult to follow.

LIKE #12:
I love that all year long I can get FRESH DANISH POTATOES... and unlike everything else at the grocery store, they are CHEAP! Danes love their potatoes and in fact, Jess pointed out our first Christmas here just how much they love them.....
"Mom, look... they have TWO different potato dishes.What's up with that?!"
(Little did she know that we would both be scarfing those 2 different potato dishes down because we were not so fond of the rest of the "Julemad" offerings!)
We have potato farms all over Denmark and it is not uncommon to be stuck behind a potato farmer on the highway and let me tell you, they don't drive too fast with a million potatoes in their trailer.  But anyway...back to the point. I LOVE POTATOES and Denmark is a great place to live if you are fond of this very starchy friend.

If you ask a Dane what vegetable he wants for dinner, you will, 9 times out of 10, get the same answer...POTATOES.

When I try to explain to my Viking that potato is not the answer I am looking for, he just looks at me quizzically. I have tried lots of different veggie dishes with him (many that I have had to purchase supplies for in Germany because veggies are not such a popular thing here!) and other than CORN (which has the nutritional value of......well, potatoes!) he is not so keen on most of them!

I on the other hand LOVE so many different veggies... especially green beans (which again, I buy in Germany!). I could make some kind of beans (including black eyed peas) with every meal, but my Viking would NOT be happy with that!!! He would want to know where the potatoes were!

However, Denmark does offer something in the veggie category that to me, sounded so strange at first....  There were specials at the stores announcing the arrivals of the ROOTS! Seriously... all kinds of roots (like beets) that folks here love to cook in the fall....  but these are things that I have NEVER had in my kitchen before and would have no clue what to do with them!

So Denmark and I are at a standstill when it comes to side dishes.
I drive to Germany to buy my canned (french cut) green beans; I drive to the Asian market to buy my dried black eyed peas. I drive to the Turkish bazaar to buy my pinto beans. And I drive my husband to his mom's house when he wants to eat some roots.
See... COMPROMISE! :-)


PiNG aka Patti said...

"drive my husband to his mom's house"

Skogkjerring said...

I can´t believe you can´t get different veggies in Denmark? I mean, even Norway has grown a lot in their selections of vegetables over the years and at foreign markets you can find the most wonderful selections of veggies. Don´t you have these in Denmark?

After the scare of E.Coli lately I would be careful what veggies I ate from Germany..but I am sure you know this also!

Well, as I said in my blog today, I have read that potatoes are suppose to be better for you then pasta or rice if you are going to choose a I guess you are lucky you have so many to choose from! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL - like Patti above. I do love roots though - just as well really as veggies get pretty limited right in the middle of winter.

Archaeogoddess said...

forget the canned green beans - pick up the bags of frozen green beans and steam them, flash boil them, saute them - they have more vitamins and minerals that way (so if Mads eats just a few, he's getting closer to his daily allowance of vitamins).

we eat a lot of broccoli in this house. and carrots. and in the summer, i make a lot of lentil salads.

but then i have a very unpicky dane.

Anonymous said...

Solution, Green beans (haricots verts) wrapped in bacon. Havn´t met a man yet, that don´t scarf that down!
And the roots, just clean them, pour honey over, and stick them in the oven. Saves you a trip over to your mother in law (and fuel ain´t cheap these days)

N said...

I so agree with your dislike! It's hard for Danes to eat vegetables and they always think potatoes are enough!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! i just had a discussion with my Norwegian about his obsession with potatoes. and the thing is...he eats them SOOO plain... I asked him if I could buy something different when I arrive at the store rather than just potatoes every night. he told me "Potatoes are just to fill you up...they are a filler". Well, i told him i like my food to taste good and not just be a "filler". :-) I laughed so hard when i read this :-) Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Nuno said...

The vegetable section is really bad. Getting sweet potatoes (Yam) is hard, and then you pay an absurd amount for them (25 kroner for 3 little ones).

Re: French beans

You can get them frozen (as said above), and they are vastly superior to the canned ones. Just check the frozen veg section. Anything is better than veg from a can!

Annarella said...

It's funny how Americans talk about potatoes as a vegetable. Yea, I know how it grows all that, but to a Dane potatoes are classified as the filler/starch/carbs in a meal like rice, pasta and bread, not a vegetable like broccoli, cauliflowers and leeks. So when you ask Mads what he want with his steak, of course he will always answer potatoes, because he prefer that over rice and pasta. Instead you could ask him what vegetables or "greens" he wants with his steak and potatoes, then he might say peas, corn, salad or green beans.

Google "tallerkenmodellen". That's how most Danes understand their meal. Draw an imaginary Y on your plate and place the 3 food groups on your plate like this:
1/5 meat/fish/eggs/cheese
2/5 potato/rice/bread
2/5 vegetables/fruit
(Men might cheat and make the meat section bigger and the vegetable section smaller)