Friday, June 10, 2011

Observation 20... A Stamp of Approval

June 11, 2011- 

I LOVE the efficiency of the Danish postal system. No matter where you are in Denmark, if you mail a letter one day (that means have it to the post office before 8pm), it will be at its destination in Denmark THE NEXT DAY... ALWAYS.   I know the country is not THAT big, but to think that you can mail a letter ACROSS THE COUNTRY in less than 24 hours.... that is just amazing! 
I wonder if it because our mailmen/women deliver the mail on bikes?  (Because I can actually BIKE to work FASTER than DRIVE... makes sense, right?!)


You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get, right?
Well when I moved here in 2008, a normal first-class stamp was 5.50kr (a little more than $1 each). I will no longer complain when the US Postal System raises their prices a NICKEL because in these three years, the Danish Postal Service has raised theirs just a BIT more... One first class stamp now costs you 8.00kr... ($1.60) to mail ONE LETTER! So I guess my like is only possible with my dislike... The ultimate compromise. 


Anonymous said...

Ahhh another not so true. Many times in my business letters took several days. Dealing with the embassy in CPH too it took up to 4 days to get there and the same when mailing back to us and they would warn u of that to begin always have your letters ready to be mailed before the deadline because of it taking up to 4 days.


Aubrey said...

I found it no better or different than the US..maybe distance to closer places take less time there, but my parents get my mail within 2 days here at least. But in general they are still good in DK. My brother in law is a mail man! No way could I get up at 4 am to deliver mail on a bike in the snow!


Unknown said...

It is crazy expensive to send mail! I sent out 10 little postcards and a letter to Canada, and it cost me 140kroner. I nearly had a heart attack!

Mark, Esbjerg said...

Our experience has been that the mail in Denmark is the same as the mail in the UK, letters arrive, sometimes really fast but it isn't unusual to have the odd late one. The customs here are particularly picky and like to rip apart gifts from the states and charge us to pick them up. We can't find the magazines we want in Denmark at less than double the price, so we subscribe from abroad.We've had several issues go missing, they haven't been lost, and the only assumption we can make is that they have been stolen by a postal worker fed up with living in a country that charges double for any foreign language magazine (and most magazines in Denmark are quite boring). The increase in postal charges was heralded by a public statement from the Danish Post office that was the height of snide. It said something like "Hello valued customers, just to say, because you do not post many letters any more, we are going to up the prices. That's just the way it is."

I really like the way you are equaling out the negatives with a positive. There is too much negativity in Denmark right now. It's a wonderful place. In fact, it's not just wonderful, it is FANTASTIC.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Thanks, Mark for your comment... I agree..there is good and there is bad.. and you cannot recognize one without the other, but focusing on the bad serves none of us any good! :-)

I will tell you that I mailed my dad's father's day gift this week to Texas and it weighed about 1.5pounds... and it cost me 360kroner... more than the gift cost. :-)