Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Observation 22-TAK!

June 9, 2011

There is a tradition in Denmark that some might say is an old-fashioned one; however, I hear PLENTY of young people (you know, MY age) doing it, so I really think it is something that will continue to be a part of Danish culture, and in my opinion, that is a GREAT thing.

Of course when you leave a dinner party or an event or even something so small as an afternoon coffee date, you say "Thank you" to the person that invited you. That, I hope, is a common thing regardless where you live.

However in Denmark, they take it one step farther.

If you have been to a party, or a coffee, or a dinner, etc. with someone (or with a group), the NEXT TIME you see someone from that "event", you say "TAK FOR SIDST", which literally means "thanks for the last" (meaning, the last time we were together). It reminds you of when you were last together and kind of jogs your memory of something that was good. Now that can occur the day after when you see the person, or it can occur a week later. It can also occur on the telephone because after I have been out with my inlaws, I can count on the fact that the next time my MIL calls, the FIRST thing she will say to me is "TAK FOR SIDST". Sometimes I have to stop and think "WHEN ON EARTH DID I SEE HER LAST?!?" but when I do recall it, I can stop and smile about whatever it was we were doing together.

It may sound corny, but I think it is AWESOME.
This even after our Cabaret night with the 35 other teachers who participated (which is how I know we YOUNGSTERS still use it!) , throughout that entire week that followed Cabaret, I would see one of them in the hallway and he/she would immediately say "TAK FOR SIDST"...even before God morgen or Hi. And I would think back for a quick second about Cabaret.... and smile.

My dislike is simple. 
And completely personal.

I love this tradition, but after three years of living in Denmark, it is still not intuitive to me until AFTER I hear someone else say it! 

But I am not giving up!
I will MASTER THIS and will be the BEST TAK-FOR-SIDST-IMMIGRANT in the country! :-)


Overhead Bins and Beauty said...

As a born and raised Georgia girl who has been dating a 1/2 danish man for a few years now,(this pains me to say) the Danes gives us southerners a run for their money is the hospitality department. I've visited Denmark twice and had his family from Copenhagen visit us many times, and I am always impressed by their gracious hospitality!

Love your blog. It helps me work on the Danish language!!

Anonymous said...

Another opposite for me. I can honestly say no one ever said that to us. What a difference between the people in 2 different towns.


Anonymous said...

They say that over here too... I like it and even remember to say it myself most of the time!

Thomas Gemal said...

We may not have a word for "please", but boy do we know how to say thanks :-)