Saturday, June 11, 2011

Put your money where your mouth is

June 12, 2011

This picture represents one of the things I LIKE the MOST about Denmark because it is a picture from one of my classes at Lær Dansk, Herning.  
--Yes, the Immigration Department REQUIRES that a foreigner (who wants to stay in Denmark) learn Danish.
--Yes, the Immigration Department REQUIRES that a foreigner show his/her proficiency in the Danish language in the 3 areas of READING, WRITING and SPEAKING within 3 years of being in Denmark by passing the national exam known as Prøve 3. 

But most importantly--the Immigration Department PAYS FOR ALL FOREIGNERS to attend Danish school in their local community (where they can choose between day & night classes), and this education is AT NO COST to the student. 

So not only do I LIKE that Denmark gave me a network of friends as soon as I arrived here, but I REALLY LIKE that they truly put their money where their mouth is. The Danish Language is important to them so they ensure that there is NO financial excuse for us NOT to learn it. 
I think Lær Dansk should have "Spouse Classes" where our Danish husbands/wives can go to some "brush up" courses in Danish grammar so that when we get home from school and are attempting to do our homework and really USE our language learning, our spouses can help us. Most of them (as I have heard from SO many people like me) are, of course, EXPERTS in Danish, but cannot remember all the WHYs about grammar and verb choice and other things that really do get in our way of learning. 

I am not sure that all spouses would be willing to go, but I think it would be a great thing to offer... just a "how to help your spouse while he/she is learning Danish" course. Wouldn't that be amazing?! 


Anonymous said...

LOL - that is a problem everywhere. Most native speakers just cannot explain their language in a way that we need to be able to understand it.

Skogkjerring said...

I could see the problem with spouses being that while you are learning pure Danish, many of the natves will have a slang or way of talking which comes from where they live in the country. I see it here all the time. New words are popping up all the time because I am learning the local dialect..:-)

Unknown said...

YES. That WOULD be amazing. And they should institute it here in Norway, asap.

Unknown said...

I love the free Danish courses! It's funny that you mention a course for spouses to help their partners learn Danish. The teacher called on me to answer a question once, and it was one Henry helped me with, and I got it wrong! I was so mad at him haha.